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Gaming Base@24 Youtube Group Colloberation

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by _SlenderVision_, May 19, 2017.

  1. _SlenderVision_
    New Member
    Collaboration Base@24
    1. Must Have Discord
    2. Must be older then 13
    3. Maturity must be eligible to work with but meaning that I mean don't be annoying in general unless your just joking XD
    4. Be able to have a pc or some working console like xbox one or ps4. But mostly a Pc
    5. Have a mic
    6. I don't care about the limit of your subs but we will work on it though.

    What Will We Be doing?

    1. Gmod Deathrun & Gmod rpg & Gmod murder & Possibly Gmod hide and seek
    2. CSGO
    3. Possible league of legends and overwatch
    4. Minecraft
    5. Co op games
    6. Other game ideas that we come up with

    I Suggest you to contact me if your going to collaborate with me and some others that might be joining and so you can join the group collaberation
    Email: LMalloyB@gmail.com
    Discord: Logan07022001#4489
    Skype: Maybe

    Ps. No scripting another youtuber lmao if thats what your thinking

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