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Request Banner and profile image request

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Jai the Gaming Cop, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Hi folks!

    I'd like to request a more professional banner and profile image, and am willing to work with anyone who is interested. I have 7 yttalk dollars that I'm willing to part with! (not sure if that's worth much to anyone here, but we can discuss payment in further detail).

    About me/my channel: I'm a cop who does Let's Plays, and my channel is brand spankin' new. I'm planning to review cop/crime related games and provide some realistic insight, as well as some funny and scary stories from my real life experiences. I'll also be doing some other Let's Plays of different genres just for fun. I'd like my channel tone to be relatively light and humorous.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or collaborations would be greatly appreciated, and we can go forward from there!

    Thank you all!!
  2. Firefang
    // Weekly gaming related content //
    Hey Jai, I could potentially make it for you, but only once I have set up my channel since I still have loads of work for my own channel as well.
    If you can't find anyone, we'll discuss payment and so forth in the near future if you'd still be interested by then.
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    I am definitely interested in helping you. Email me at mcmoenning@fortlewis.edu if you'd like to discuss details. Thanks!
    - Matt Moenning
  4. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator

    @Matthew Moenning

    Hi and welcome to YTtalk. :)

    This thread is from November and OP has never replied to it. Please don't bump old threads - It is likely that some of the people are no longer active here and it is very confusing for those who are. ^^

    Tip: You can see when a member was last online by clicking on their username above their avatar.

    Feel free to reply to a more recent existing thread (less than 1 month old is recommended.)

    (If you need to contact any of the people who posted in this thread, you should use the contact information in their first post or you can leave them a message on their profiles by clicking on their avatar and then clicking on "Profile page" )

    Thanks :)
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