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Gaming Australian PC channel looking to collab


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Jul 14, 2019
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Hi there,
Since work/family obligations have recently affected my current group for getting content; I'm looking to expand out and seek video makers keen to do some collaborations.

The content I create:
I create short but sweet funny moment videos with touch ups on editing. Typically these videos take about a week or so to create.
The games I play:
For now I'm just sticking to CSGO, but myself and the group I work with are looking to push out to other areas such as GTAV, Garry's Mod (if that's still a thing).
What I'm looking for:
Someone who's able to meld well with some banter. Really no requirements but since this is a YouTuber forum, I would appreciate some cross promotion. Please not that I do not want to be involved with anyone overseas due to ping reasons.

If you're keen, the best places to probably contact me would be either a reply to this thread, Discord (EmuUnit#5898) or DM me on Twitter