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Audio Recording / Editing using bad microphone


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May 2, 2019
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Hi there, I'm UniqUnic and I am willing to start doing YouTube, especially the coding tutorials. The problem on the other hand is that I literally have no camera, webcam, smartphone, headphones with mic or good quality microphone. When I say bad microphone, I literally mean the crappy Nokia 3310 3G microphone that I'm willing to use. There are lots of cracks and overall it sounds poor. On the other hand, I've got quite a good knowledge on Adobe Premiere, Audition, After Effects and Moho Pro and I have got a powerful Core i7 8700K/32GB RAM/GTX 1080 system up and running. I would like to know if it is by any means possible to improve the audio quality or I could get started this way, maybe adding the visual effects etc. Thank you very much!


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Sep 5, 2013
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Well good audio starts with a good mic. If a mic is bad quality, no software will be able to really overcome that. Having said that, you could try to clean up the audio a bit with audacity. ( https://www.audacityteam.org/ ) I'd recommend reading / watching some tutorials on it and then testing it. The 2 features you should use are "normalization" and "noise reduction".

But comeing back to what I mention above, a good mic would make a huge difference. Check out the samson go-mic ( https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Mic-Portable-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B001R76D42 ) It's pretty cheap and it has a cardioid setting (which filters out background noise) and is ideal for tutorial commentary. Good luck. :)