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A problem I have been having

Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by Chicken Tendies, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Chicken Tendies
    Active Member
    So I have been doing Youtube for over a year now and I only have 54 subs. I have advertised myself all over the place; YTtalk, Facebook, Reddit, instagram and Discord servers and nobody is subscribing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been reviewed on this cite multiple times and the only problems that I have been told about is my channel art and my About page which I have since fixed,
    Nothing has changed so could I get some advice?

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  2. Messages:
    Do you post on a regular schedule? I know you do not have many views but are you analytics telling you anything about the people who are watching your videos? I watched your latest video and maybe recording yourself playing and having it in the corner would help build more of a personal connection with you subs. I am not a pro at this stuff but those are just some things I saw.
  3. Primink
    Liking YTtalk
    Gaming is a very saturated niche, You don't post often enough for a gaming channel, and your thumbnails need some work.

    Your tags and SEO looked pretty good :)
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  4. Stike96
    I Love YTtalk
    Two issues that I notice straight away is the channel banner and the thumbnails.

    I know that you said that you fixed the channel banner and it looks ok for the most part, but I think that it needs your channel name on it somewhere, you could still have "video games n stuff" on it but maybe have it under the name.

    As for your thumbnails they need to be a bit more consistent, they all look a bit random at the moment. If you look at other channels you'll see what I mean, if you do that it'll look a lot more appealing. Also no matter how cliche it may sound, close up faces with exaggerated expressions help a lot with thumbnails and will likely encourage more people to click on them, again just look around at other thumbnails and chances are you'll see lots of them.

    Another less obvious issue, for your channel size at least, is the video length. I think that 10+ minutes is quite long for your channel size when doing something like gaming. Once you're more well known, and people know who you are, they'll be happy to watch videos at that length (or even longer) but to entice people to watch your videos I'd recommend aiming for 6 minutes or less. I know that I'll be much more willing to watch a video from a new YouTuber if it's a 3 or 4 minute one than if it's a 12 minute one in most cases.

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