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50 days experiment

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by Wookiees, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Wookiees
    Hi everyone.

    My experiment:
    For the next 50 days i'll post 1 video per day. The videos will be 1min length and it's going to be a fragmovie/kill compilation of a famous fortnite player.

    Of course this kind of videos are very specific, but I think it can be very interesting for everyone to know if it's effective to post a video everyday, on a very specific subject, including the name of a very famous youtuber in the title.

    I think this technique has a lot of pros :
    • It's very easy to have a video listed in the top 3 results for [famous youtuber] + compilation
    • A lot of people are searching and watching these youtubers on youtube but also on twitter.
    • A compilation is a tribute for the youtuber, some of them will (proably ?) retweet the video. For exemple I know a youtuber who started 2 weeks ago and his first kill compilation has been retweeter by the player. He get 4k views and 300 subs with his first video.
    • If you have watched +75% of a video, you can see that youtube put some similar content in your recommendation tab. By making 1min very dynamic videos I assume that people will watch 80% or more of the video. Thus I hope some the next videos will be recommended to them.

    At the end of these 50 days I will give you my feedbacks about what I've learnt, what i've achieved and what I think of this strategy.
  2. videoeditgr
    I Love YTtalk
    Guess you will then be back here in 50 days asking why did they deleted them for duplication :D :p


    I think that this is not fair use of the Fortnite Youtuber's material if you constantly use his games and name :)
  3. Messages:
    They video that got retweeted by a player was probably because it was a VERY good edit. I don't see how you are going to get good quality with 1 min videos everyday.
  4. Divine Authority
    I've Got It
    That a really bad experiments. Most likely YouTube will remove your channel or delete your video due to excessive use of other people video despite crediting them. I don't like those type of channel and don't plan on watching it because of how lazy it is to just take someone content and hoping you can be famous in just a short time. It much worse since you planning to do it every day rather than slowing down the upload schedule.

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