youtube music

  1. UKHypnotist

    YouTube And Musicians

    How serious about your music are you? Do you only have Soundcloud or BandCamp, or are you with a full Digital Distributor? If you have a YouTube channel dedicated to your music and it isn't large enough to apply to the YouTube Partner Programme, you do have another monetization option. Most...
  2. O

    YouTube Music only works correctly with main google account

    In order to access YouTube Music on the computer etc you have to log into your regular google account. Your phone tablet etc won't sync to the desktop version if you start YouTube music from your YouTube channel. This actually makes sense because YouTube Music now offers you to subscribe to an...
  3. TinasToyTime

    YouTube music from Audio Library on Instagram?

    I am creating an Instagram page to promote my YT channel. I plan on taking clips of my already made YT videos and posting on Instagram; all of these videos have music from the YT audio library. Is it acceptable that this music will be on Instagram? According to YT, it says (word for word)...
  4. Fox Beat

    NO COPYRIGHT Tropical / Tropical House Music - Diviners ft. Philly K - Savannah

    Chill, Vacation, Summer, Trip, Sunset
  5. Fox Beat

    [NO COPYRIGHT Tropical House Music] - F.A.S.S / Fuad Assani - Jungwok

    Summer, Happy, Bright, Vacation
  6. N

    How Are you Suppose to Promote Your Channel??

    Hello, Im a relatively new youtuber who mainly posts music covers. Anyways, I feel like my videos are decent enough, but I'm not seeing the growth of my channel like other channels my size that I follow. Ive posted to my social media about my channel but i was wondering what other outlets to...
  7. BassRebels

    30000 Subscribers

    Hey everyone hope you are all good, we are a music channel and record label supported by BBC Radio 1 and BT Sports TV. We upload some of the best music from all over the world which is royalty free so has no copyright so you can use it in your YouTube and Twitch videos. We reached an awesome...
  8. O

    Where can I find good music!???

    Hi Where or how do you find the perfect music that suits your videos? I am looking for some background mood music but its hard to find sometimes when I don't have the perfect song or audio for it in the mind is there a playlist where I can grab music and use for youtube legal? I know youtube...
  9. skepticalvoid

    Music to use and wont get copyrighted

    hey! I've been in your shoes and wanted to know what kind of music to use and not get copyrighted. there is a YouTube channel called NCS(no copyright sound) they have really good music. most of the times people use their music for gaming. you can also use YouTube's free royalty music. i hoped i...
  10. L

    I used music from the Youtube selctions and got a claim

    I thought the music that Youtube provide as options when you make a video were free to use and would not cause you issues - yet I used it and still got a copyright claim. What's going on there?
  11. JayManOurMusicBox

    Services Completely free royalty free music. Just credit me. I have 5000+ tracks I have worked over many years and I am setting them free. (free as a bird!) You can use them for free, royalty free without any expiration. All I ask is you credit me and share. Yes it is YouTube friendly as well with no content ID matches. ~ JayMan