youtube graphics and branding

  1. AtomicCherryGFX

    Services High-Quality Graphics & Cheap Prices

    Cause Sometimes Graphics Are Troublesome... Everyone deserves good graphics, although a lot of content creators end up sidelining high-quality graphics, due to not having the skills/software or simply because they can’t justify the high prices. Does anybody really want to pay $20 just for a...
  2. AdmUp

    Finished/Closed CLOSED

    I like to create graphics every now and then for fun and increase my Photoshop "skills".. If you want one doing I'm happy to give it a go although I don't want to guarantee you'll like it. I'll do it for free too. Just reply with your: Account names. YouTube, Twitter etc What your channel is...
  3. B

    Request YouTube Channel Art & Icon Needed!

    Hello there all my GFX Designers, I'm looking for someone who is skilled in making YouTube channel art as well as a matching icon. As you can see from my YouTube, I'm stuck using a basic template I found off of the web and to be quite honest with you, I'm sick of it. I do however want to keep...
  4. notjamie

    Finished/Closed *FREE* Banners, Profile Pictures, and Thumbnails!

    Hey guys, Recently I've been getting into graphic design and it looks awesome! I use Photoshop CS6 so I would like to spread the love because channel art and thumbnails are crucial to gaining subscribers. I offer three services for free: Banners Thumbnails Profile Pictures (cartoon and text)...
  5. Wallz

    Request I need help creating a logo..

    So, I wanted to make my channel branding look really good but the problem is i cant think of a logo. I see that other people already have really nice logos and I'm thinking that It's maybe the reason why they all have more subscribers than me. Also If you could help me with improving my branding...
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