youtube colaberation

  1. B

    Music LOOKING TO PROMOTE your music(remix) on my youtube channel

    Hello there,i have a youtube channel not big but my statistics show that i grow fast in watch hour and more but its really hard to find people that they want to promote their music on a small channel we can start together your music with my channel i will take care of the channel 7/24 but i...
  2. T

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends (PC)

    hello, my name is Tyler and I'm looking for some people to make some content with and have a good time. I'm looking for people that play. Fortnite rocket league call of duty ww2 minecraft csgo GTA V black ops 2 must be 16+
  3. IAmLogiicHD

    Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration (PC)

    Hey Guys, IAmLogiic HD here asking you if you would like to collaborate on PC, Simply add me on discord IAmLogiicHD#6793 so we can discuss a possible collab. Some simple requirements however are needed and i'm not strict on any requirements all i ask is that you have : 1.) A good Mic 2.) A Good...
  4. LaZzy Ghost

    Gaming looking for people to collaborate on PS4

    I am lookin. for friends to collabe with. i mostly do fps (first person shooter) games. i am new to youtube. i think i make pretty good content. Make sure to checkout my channel to see my videos.
  5. Acidic

    Gaming serious youtube colab

    This is for Pc Gaming Only ! ! ! I need Guys or girls that are dead serious youtubers that are dedicated and willing to be there for the videos and that will be funny and try and talk for the entire video i need 3 more people maybe 4 requirements: You have to show ups as much as possible...
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