vlog review

  1. DapperDanVlogs

    need a channel review please

    Hi everyone, I started this channel a little over a year ago. it is an entertainment channel that revolves around powersports and dirt bikes. I have uploaded at least one video a week for a year now sometimes more but iv'e committed to 1 a week. l'd like an overall channel review but there are a...
  2. Jonatan Moser

    Do I have vlogging potential?

    Hi awesome people of YTtalk! My channel is primarily a cover/acapella channel, but now and then, when I have special information about upcoming stuff or else, I do 'vlogs'... Now, I am not going to go all vlogger on my channel, but I would like to know how I am doing so far - just to know if it...
  3. Brain Stormer

    Who Wants A Channel Review?

    So we're new to this whole YouTube thing. We want to do some channel reviews to help us see what's out there. If you need a review just let us know! We'll reply as fast as we can and we will reply to everyone :)