1. C

    Request Channel art and intro

    Hello I’m looking to start YouTube properly, I’ve had my Channel years now but content has always been poor and the art isn’t great, hopeing someone or a few people can help me, I’d like all the art you need for a channel, logo, banner, background, I’d like a unique intro to my channel and if...
  2. Fitness Buffhq


    I use CANVA for making thumbnail. What is better tool/app for making thumbnail. CANVA or Pixel Lab?
  3. AllVisuals4U

    Which thumbnail is better?

    Hi there, I'm planning to give my thumbnails an upgrade. I'm pretty happy with the current ones, but i was asking myself or a clean design will attract more viewers. So here's the question: which thumbnail do you like more? The old ones with the red and green stripe along the whole thumbnail or...
  4. P

    Services I am making thumbnails and banners! reply and i will make you one!

    I am making thumbnails and banners! reply and i will make you one!
  5. F-undament

    Services CHEAP - YouTube banner, thumbnail and profile picture service!

    Portfolio (more previous work incoming)
  6. Iron-Will

    How do you make Video Thumbnails?

    I am interested to know how people create their video thumbnails! For myself, I grab an interesting still from the video, then use Canva, to create my thumbnail (using custom dimensions 1920 x 1080) - (yttalk win't let me link to Canva - Google it!!) I try to keep it simple, by putting just a...
  7. Silta

    Services Custom Thumbnails

    Hi, If you're looking for good quality thumbnails and need them fast look no further! I can create quality thumbnails within the hour for a small fee of $5. Below are a few examples of my work for other YouTubers!
  8. Ivory Cherry

    can someone critique my banner and thumbnails?

    I would love some insight on whether an outsider thinks my thumbnails and channel art are okay. I will do the same for anyone that wants feedback as well!
  9. Tamika

    Services YouTube Banners & Thumbnails (Free or Pay What You Want)

    Hello! I make custom YouTube channel art/banners and thumbnails for free or you can pay like a $1 if you want xP up to you!! PM or comment below for contact info! Examples:
  10. Gimphy

    Youtube Thumbnails For Just $1 EACH HURRY!!

    Hello My Name is Abe Chouman And I'll make you a thumbnail for just $1! I use Photoshop and Personally run my own YouTube Channel that has over 2500 Views. If You're Interested Contact Me: Email. Discord. Abe_Chouman#2505 Examples:
  11. Abdullahx9000

    Recent Thumbnails? Opinions and Suggestions are Greatly appreciated!

    So quite recently I have changed my Thumbnail layout as seen on the "The TABG Experience" video with an overlay that shows up consistently on newer videos. I have a couple of questions regarding the newest thumbnails (the thumbnails with the orange overlay). Are they attractive? Do you want to...
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make YouTube Thumbnails (5 Top Thumbnail Tips)

    How To Make YouTube Thumbnails // Good Thumbnails can make a YouTube Video STAND OUT above the crowd. You can make YouTube Thumbnails for free that boost views, get you subscribers and build brand awareness. Good YouTube Thumbnails are the cherry on the top of your Video SEO to make you...
  13. GameGabe

    Services YouTube Thumbnails and Banners to Fund my Content

    To fund Content on my Channel I've decided to offer my services here. What can I do? Thumbnails Channel Art Channel Banner Outro Cards Cost of Thumbnails is 1€ per thumbnail. Cost for Outro Card is 1€. Channel Art or Channel Banner is 10€. Payment via PayPal. Contact:
  14. HeroRareheart

    Need help with GIMP for thumbnail creation.

    I need a little help with GIMP for making thumbnails, and this seems like the most appropriate thread to ask about it. I have a very simple problem, I'm using images from The Binding of Isaac that are intentionally at a low resolution and whenever I scale them up GIMP tries to smooth it out and...
  15. LexxGFX

    Services ⤷ Need a Designer? ⤫ Graphic design ⤫ LexxGFX

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✓ Payment only after full satisfaction of the customer ✓ Prices depend on Effort, Working hours & Final result ✓ Communication in English or German ✓ Recieving .psd/.ai/.aep files possible ✓ Changes possible in hindsight...
  16. Mendozaaa17

    Services Thumbnails and Banners for Free [Limited]!

    [CLOSED] Hi y'all, I am willing to create some FREE graphic content such as THUMBNAILS and CHANNEL BANNERS/ART for you YouTube users out there. If you're curious to see what I am capable of, take a look further down the thread. I can't promise an exact delivery time, but you should take into...
  17. TRU3G4M3R

    Services Cheap Professional Intros/Outros and Thumbnails

    Whats up everybody! I create professional looking banners, thumbnails, intros, and outros and do not overcharge in fact I do not expect any payment until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product and want you to be as critical as possible with your judgement so that we can ensure your...
  18. JLD

    Request Looking for a thumbnail for my new football video

    So I'm pretty shocking at making thumbnails and I feel I did a decent standard of them to attract viewers. I mainly do football edits and I'm willing to give you a shoutout with annotation on screen and links in the description. Please let me know if you're able to help
  19. Rachel Stewart


    Hi, my name is Rachel Stewart, in a documentary filmmaker and I'm looking for a graphic designer to do some free or cheap work for me, I'm looking for a movie online poster to promote my documentary, below is the type of style I'm looking for, Thanks for your time! -Rachel
  20. Heaven Dancer

    Thumbnail Title Ideas

    Hello, I am needing advice on a thumbnail title. I am creating a "how to" video on a ballet move called a balancé and how to use it for worship flags (using the dance movement to move around the church). My niche is small and the biggest "competitor" uses the title "Flag Tutorial". That's not...
  21. Suprex

    Request I need help with a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail!

    I need someone skilled with GFX or just making Thumbnails to make me a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail that stands out.. I would pay if i had a credit card but if you are willing to make this for me and possibly help me with future Thumbnails then i will give you shoutouts and once i get a credit...
  22. KTP

    Is updating any meta data/thumbnails on old videos worthwhile?

    If this has been asked and answered already, I apologize. But does it make sense to update meta-data (title, description, keywords etc) or thumbnail on an old video? Or not so much? I know our channel is too small and in the early stages for it to help, but this is more of a general question...
  23. GreyStreetGirl

    Programs for Thumbnail Creation

    Hello, friends! First let me say I apologize if this isn't in the correct spot. I wasn't sure whether or not I should put it here or in branding. I wanted to know what program you all used to create thumbnails. I'm NOT GOOD at photo editing at all, and I usually use Ribbet by the end of things...
  24. Nicholas Thing

    Thumbnail feedback

    Hey guys, I am asking myself if my thumbnails are good. So I am asking you. This is my latest design and I kinda wanna go further with this type of stuff. So can you please judge it? here is the link from my youtube video with my latest design: Or just go to my youtube channel and you'll see it
  25. chill_bro_videos

    Reditors - What is this and why is it appearing?

    I have this annoying chainlink icon where the thumbnails should be appearing on my videos for Redit. It happens on every single post, and obviously is unsightly if I am trying to get people to watch my content. Why does this appear? Why does my thumbnail not appear? Thanks!
  26. T

    Finished/Closed [closed] making thumbnails for free if you guys are interested

    feel like making some thumbnails for free not a master at this by any means, but thought it might be of some use to all of you just send me a message and ill see what i can do
  27. Cooliits HR

    Kids channel struggling & art of good seo, keywords & thumbnails.

    Hello everyone. We are a kids channel and we have this channel for almost 2 years now. The sad thing is we're still struggling to grow. We've done challenges, egg surprises, unboxings (mostly Lego) but nothing seems to click. We've tried adwords but to no avail. Few hundreds views but nothing...
  28. coolness3775

    Services CHEAP and High Quality: BANNERS / THUMBNAILS / LOGOS and MORE

    I create cheap and high quality GFX, you can purchase them by emailing me at Here are some examples of my graphics... End Card- $1 Edited Video- $3 Thumbnail- $1 2D Banner- $1 Minecraft Banner- $2
  29. Lamp 64

    Thumbnail Opinion

    I'm in for anything that brings in a dynamic mood. For my first video, when i posted it, i didn't have a custom made thumbnail for it. It seems like a strong thumbnail is what sparks a person's interest towards seeing the video. So i ask the people of yttalk to rate my thumbnail and give me...
  30. Volterink

    Request Looking for Thumbnails

    Hi yttalk members, I was wondering whether there is anyone that would be able to make youtube thumbnails for me as I have no idea how to make them. The only problem would be that it would have to be free. If anyone is still interested, please let me know Thanks, Volt P.s. As I cant pay you, I...