1. Lina Suzy

    I Reached 1k Subscribers But yet i don't get any mail from Youtube

    Hello there Yttalk forum family! I am bit confused that, I Reached 1k Subscribers But yet i don't get any mail from Youtube! Did you get any email from Youtube, when you reached 1k Subscription! I don't know what's the problem! Do you have any experience on it! Thanks to all lina
  2. Lina Suzy

    Yes Finally Reached Subscriber Threshold

    I wanted to say Thanks to all my Yttalk Forum Family for supporting me! It's a great pleasure to be here with you and Reached 1k Subscription! I need to find a way to rank my videos! is there any idea you may share with us.!
  3. O

    Can you limit views to website subscribers?

    Hi all, new to this forum and I see I have a lot to read! I have a website with lots of subscribers, and I'd like to limit one of my videos to only viewing by those subscribers. The video could be embedded on a page that only they can see. Is that even possible? All suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  4. Lock

    how to increase subscription rate

    Here's a tip: Increases subscription rates ( i read it somewhere....) Put ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of any YouTube URL. Example: replace XXXXXXXXXXXXX with channel name. and watch the magic ...
  5. O

    The secret of building a successful channel?

    Hi I have been doing youtube for a couple of months now and I get some pretty fine traffic everyday but problem is that non of the traffic gives me any subscribers even though I have a lot of page views but for some reason my channel docent attract the users who visits :( I know there is a...
  6. xingcat

    Subscription Exhaustion?

    I try to be a really good subscriber. If I've subbed to a channel, I try very hard to watch whatever videos are uploaded, give 'em a like and a comment, and really stay engaged. However, as I'm subscribed to more and more channels, that's getting a bit harder to keep up with. Added to this...

    Tips with using Facebook adds

    Hey everyone, Last night I paid for a $10 facebook ad to try and get more views on my youtube trailer video. I don't do this with every video but this one described my channel so I thought it was worth it. Unfortunately after an hour the add got taken down as I had over 20% of text in my thumb...
  8. GooberVlogs

    Do You Check Out a New Subscribers Channel

    wazzzup yttalkers =) So whenever I get a new subscriber I always check out their channel and a lot of times they don't make content themself.. but I have noticed that most of the people that subscribe to me when I check them out..... it show there latest activity and subscriptions. I see the...
  9. Miketastic

    Do you unsub?

    It never came to my mind until a recent youtuber (whom I was subscribed too at that time) made a complete ***hole of himself online, causing me to change that subbed button into an unsubbed to that scum. Then it hit me, Its been so long for me to unsubscribe to someone who I completely lost...
  10. FraYoshi

    How do You Consider "Channels"?

    I mean.. When Goin' on a channel (with the personal name of the owner) what do You expect to find? i.e. You were watchin' a video Tutorial (that You loved) so You are goin' to that channel... How do You react if You don't find other tutorials but all another kind of videos? Do You sub on the...