1. C

    Is Somebody is Hacking my YT Settings..?

    Its a few issues: In videos, edit, advanced settings, my videos keep selecting 'allow live chat replay for this premier'. I do not want this. I keep deselecting it, save, leave the page, and when I return its there again. In the same area under 'Syndications' BOTH options to select...
  2. Prudent Gaming

    100 Subs and a Custom URL

    I hit 100 subscribers last week and it made me so happy! I just want to entertain, create positivity and make other people happy. Every single comment, view and subscriber means everything to me and I'm so thankful for everyone's support. Also, it meant I was able to get rid of that god awful...
  3. Money Talks

    20 subscribers on first day of channel!

    Hi Everyone, I'm excited to announce that within one day of starting my channel I have 20 subscribers already! I know it's not a lot but it's cool to see people take interest in my channel! Hopefully, the subs will start to add up and ill be able to reach and help more people with my channel! :)
  4. HowTo101

    40,000 total views and 100 subs!

    I know its not a lot but i finally hit 40,000 total channel views!! I need to increase my subs but I finally hit 100 which seems like a small but good steeping stone to build off of. Thank you to all of you who support my channel and have subscribed I appreciate it! Im having fun making my...
  5. sarahja

    1/2 Way to Monetisation! 500 Subs in 3 Months :)

    Hey guys, I'm really happy here, it's a couple of days over 3 months since starting my channel and I'm at 500 subs :bounce: I'm super excited!!!
  6. George Hudson


  7. B

    What’s the best way to attract new subs??

    hey I am fairly new to YouTube and my channel is growing slowly but I was wondering if anyone could help with some tips to attract new subscribers? I want to reach 100 so I can get my personal URL. Any help is appreciated :) Thankyou
  8. ApexTV

    1 Million Subscribers!

    Hey YTTalk! I want to start off by thanking you for making such an awesome forum that's full of so much valuable information for YouTubers of all sizes. Since I started my YouTube channel, I have consistently came back to YTTalk to learn about the YouTube algorithm, how to get views, and...
  9. Fitness Buffhq

    How to get more subscribers for a new channel?

    I have started publishing fitness training videos on my channel about five months ago. So for I have got 192 subscribers only. Although, I am publishing very useful videos - but my subscribers are increasing at an extremely low rate. Am lost & don't have any clue how to increase my...
  10. AaronSonyi

    Hide Sub Count?

    I feel like having a low sub count(I'm currently at 192) can discredit you from viewers taking you seriously. Like they might think you have a low count because you're not worth subbing to. I was wondering if anyone's hidden their sub count when they were small(under 1000 subs) and what kind of...
  11. SteveDz

    Made it to 50,000 Subscribers!!

    I've never made a big deal about my YouTube channel, but 50k subscribers was the last goal I had in my head. So to me I'm really glad about it lol. My channel has been around for awhile and being about gaming, YouTube isn't always easy to work with. Always told myself I'll keep doing it as...
  12. ThinkerThunker

    Why does YT sells ads but then allows viewers to block ads?

    All viewers should be required to turn off ad-blockers while on YT - period. I don't understand why anyone spending money on YT advertising would tolerate this? And I for one hate it! For some reason I make far more of my Australian viewers, ad-wise, then all of America where I get the bulk of...
  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why Subscriber Counts Do Not Matter

    Why Subscriber Counts Do Not Matter // Every small youtuber seems to be focused on YouTube Subscriber Counts, How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube and numbers numbers numbers. I am here to tell you that Subscriber Count Does Not Matter, you want engaged loyal subscribers, not masses of zombie...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get 1000 Subscribers in 2019

    How To Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube in 2019 - Get More YouTube Subscribers // 2018 was a good year for growth on my channel, from subs for nearly 3000 in 12 months. So if you follow these tips you could get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2019. There is no magic pill to get...
  15. AverageBrino

    Stuck at the same number

    alright its time to ask for help. For about a year i started off my channel with vlogs. Later on I tend to step away from vlogs but instead make comedy/skits. But one problem is that Ive been stuck at the same amount of subs especially like 745 for a while now. Can anyone just give me any expert...
  16. 601Travels

    Just passed 50,000 views!

    My channel is just about to turn 1 year old on 12/23 and today I hit the 50,000 view mark! I had no idea what was going to happen when I started it and I have grown to 385 subscribers so far. Very happy about this small milestone.. Next goals are 100k views and 1k subscribers!
  17. ASMRher

    How long did it take for you guys to reach 1000 subs?

    Just curious, how long did it take for you guys to reach 1000 subs? I'm gaining 1-2 subs each day but feels like it's a slow process. But I also don't want to do sub for sub, I want real audiences! Any suggestions?
  18. Dixon1380

    What is the best way to get subscribers and views?

    I am so stuck right now. Sometimes I feel like every time I post videos and upload them to YT. Nothing...I see my views goes up but that's only me. Some people say it's the SEO, Some people say it's Google Adword/Adsense and some say it's social media. Well, I tried all of that...nothing works...
  19. JSamuel

    100 subscribers!

    I've been vlogging for about 2-3 months now, and I'm super exited to have hit 100 subscribers! I got a custom URL! (I'm so excited).
  20. J

    VidIQ: How To Filter Videos By Subscribers Driven?

    Hey fellow Youtubers, As the title says, how do you filter competitor videos by subscribers driven? Anyone know or a similar technique that achieves the same result? Thanks!
  21. Scandinavian Freckles

    Taking a toll on me

    Hey everyone, I'ts been a minute since I was here last. So much stuff happening over the last year that life has gotten in the way of pretty much everything. Just getting back into YT and it feels so good to be back. I am figuring out my editing style, and planning new videos.. Life is...
  22. U

    yea! 4000 watch hours :)

    Well I made it to 4000 watch hours determined not to be beaten by Youtube's goal post moving back in January when they made it tougher to get monetized. The 1000 subs are harder to find!. I have more call to action prompts in my newer uploads. About 50 of my subscribers were gained in just the...
  23. C

    My 15000 subscribers disappeared some how?

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel about tech more than 15000 subscribers, 3 days ago my 15000 subscribers disappeared, why ?? Can someone give the solution please Thank u
  24. Chase The Vase

    I MADE IT TO 100!!!!!

    I'm super excited to be in the triple digits :wub::inlove: I've been through multiple channels before and I've gotten to this point, however this time is really special to me!!! I've put in more work than ever, and I am getting interaction with my videos and everything is just going groovily...
  25. RetroCrunch

    Hit 2000 Subscribers and some advice..

    Ive had my channel for just over a year now and if there is one thing i'd like to say to the up and coming creators with their 50, 100, 500 subscribers is this. Be patient and press on. I say this because when you first start out as a creator, it may take a month to hit 100 subs, or it may...
  26. E

    How did you get to 100 subs?

    Hey youtube community! Right now i'm only at 16 subscribers, and I think my braning and content was good, but im barely growing qq. How did you guys get to 100 subs? I feel like im missing something qwq
  27. J.Kposowa

    A Small Change, Can Make A Big Difference.

    I was always gung-ho with my channel and its ideas, just throwing out what I thought would be good. But after watching Jump Cut Academy. They taught me to take a step back and find out who I really am. In doing so, I realised why my channel wasn't growing because I wasn't being myself and my...
  28. Thelazysideoflife

    This time it was easier

    So, we have reached 20 subs! I know it is a very small milestone but I feel like they must be marked. We took months to reach 10 subs because we just weren't doing things right AT ALL. Now, that we are more consistent and put more effort in our videos we doubled our subs in less than two weeks!
  29. Unearned

    xbox one/ pc looking to collab with other youtubers.

    I am 13 and looking for other gaming youtubers to upload with. I have a pc but mostly use my xbox one. Lookin for 13+ to collab and have fun with. I have mostly free games on pc and GMOD. On xbox i have games like rainbow six seige titanfall 2 friday the 13th Mortal kombat saints row 4 watch...
  30. BrettTaylorYT

    Should I stick to a Niche?

    Hey hey hey! So when I first created my channel I had an idea of what I wanted it to be about in mind. The more I’m thinking about it and more work I’m doing I’m not sure if I want to/will be able to stick to that. So I guess my main question here is should I choose one niche and stick to it no...