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  1. Cynikal

    Gaming Looking for PC Collab (18+)

    Games I own: Gmod - CS:GO - Dirty Bomb - Commentaries - F2P Games My subs currently: 176 - Looking for someone around 125 - 225 subscribers My own videos take inspiration from Tomato Gaming, TearofGrace, and similar, so if you enjoy or know them or share a similar sense of humor just looking...
  2. Kacper

    Feedback Please!!

    Hey Guys, I've uploaded a bunch of videos on my channel since the last time I got feedback! i think the newer videos have gotten a lot better since the first few videos : ) It would be great if you could check them out and let me know what you think!,
  3. Roots_97


    Hey everyone:) I'm new to YouTube and it would be greatly appreciated if you all can check out my would you rather tag that I did with one of my friends :) Please Subscribe to my channel: LifeAsRoots
  4. Roots_97

    LifeAsRoots *NEW VLOGGER*

    Hey guys it's Roots! I'm an 18 year old, uni student from Ontario, Canada and I'm not necessarily new to YouTube but this is definitely my first Youtube channel surrounding me! Usually I was apart of a duo or with a group of friends. I'm still experimenting with my channel and I'm still trying...
  5. Roots_97

    Review My Channel

    Hey guys it's Roots here! I would love for people to give my channel some feedback? It would be much appreciated:)
  6. TheYutzman

    Anyone heard of Animity Network?

    I was wondering if anyone here had heard of Animity because a few months back I was contacted by one of their sub-networks (Reckoning Network) after I left Freedom. I contacted that sub-network and discovered they had currently stopped accepting applications and was now redirecting any new ones...
  7. skepticalvoid

    What am i doing wrong?

    hey! I've been on YouTube for 3 years now and i only have 153 subs. im trying to work my a** off this year. i am trying everything i can to grow my channel. plz send me any feed back whether its good or bad it doesn't matter. have a amazing day :)
  8. AngrySanAttack

    Vlog Who is searching for a collab?

    Hey guys, I feel like 2016 is the year to shine and I would like to grow my channel but not on my own. I would like that we could grow all together and I think one of the ways today is to do collabs. I do mainly commentaries, vlogs and play games, but if you do something else, I think I have the...
  9. M

    First video - Feedback please?

    Hey guys! So I uploaded my first video in the early hours of this morning :) I was just wondering if you could give me some feedback please? I know the camera quality isn't great (I don't want to spend much as I'm just starting out and I'm not sure if I'll fit into the youtube community?) So...
  10. V

    Other Looking for small youtuber collab

    I need someone to collab by putting a link on their description and mentioning me on the video. I will do the same to my channel. It will be hard to get new subs as I only have 11 subs. If youre interested just reply down below
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