role play

  1. J


    hi i'm doing a project on Casting Call Club About Winx club RE-DUBBED there are 24 roles which are available if you want to apply or know more about the project please click the link below or if you have any question please feel free to ask. :D...
  2. GaminGit

    Have you ever seen gaming vids like this before?

    For the past year, I've been making videos on a very niche section of the PC gaming community. I play 'role play' games. Mostly 'life mods' based off of ARMA 3. (Don't yawn just yet xD ) However, I've try to make my videos appeal to virtually anyone that watches them, by editing them like a...
  3. Logic Eye

    Gaming Space Engineers Survival RP series

    Hello, i would like to colaborate with a person or 2 to a Survival RP series in the game of Space Engineers :) I would like the persons to be over 15 years old (I am 16 my self) and gotta talk allright English (Im a little rusty myself) and the person to be located near England (Denmak myself)...
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