1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Turn Off YouTube Notification Pop Ups on Chrome - Disable Notifications

    How To Turn Off YouTube Notification Pop Ups on Chrome - Disable Notifications // YouTube Pop Up notifications can be very helpful to keep track of your favourite youtubers latest videos.... but sometimes they can be annoying and intrusive, now you can turn them off in chrome with this tutorial.
  2. Courtney Candice

    Do people without an Account get notified?

    Even when I’m not subscribed to a channel I get notifications for different YouTubers new videos that I have watched before. so my question is can people who watch my videos regularly but don’t have a youtube account still get notified in the app?
  3. ProjectJamesify

    Video file name in notifications

    Hi there, I get complaints from my subscribers, who have enabled notifications, that the file name of the video appears in the notification. Obviously I would like the actual video title to be in there. It's not a huge issue, but if you guys could help me solve this, it would definitely help...

    Pushing "Annoucement" To Subscribers

    Is it possible to send an announcement to your subs so they all will get notified when you post/are about to post a video? I'm thinking of almost like a status update (I've seen it before a while ago on YouTube). The only current options I see are to have subs turn on notifications or follow you...
  5. F.C.E. 365

    YouTube Creator Studio is broken?

    Hi, If I recall accurately, 2 weeks ago my iOS Creator Studio suddenly broke, I received notifications but if I click on em, at that time the app would simply redirect to a page "No comments Found", or a simple white page. Starting from 2 days ago, I no longer receive notifications at all...
  6. SeanFace101

    Do I still get notifications for comments on my videos that dont need approved first?

    Do I still get notifications for comments people make on my videos that don't need my approval first before they are shown publically?
  7. S

    No more comment notifications via email?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Since last night I haven't gotten emails for new comments and I hope it's just "YouTube's latest glitch" and not permanent. :confused: Not sure about you but I rely on those emails because the comments page doesn't show the latest replies at the top, and the...
  8. Te-Erika

    How to Disable All Youtube Comment Notifications

    I feel like I've become a slave to my Youtube comments. Each one sends a notification to my tablet and in my Google Plus little bell notification thing and I feel compelled to click. I would like to turn of ALL Notifications so that I have to check manually just to see if I have new comments...
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