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  1. BestNerdLife

    Invisible Fist - Nintendo Switch game review

    Wanna take on (and defeat) late-stage capitalism? Now's your chance!
  2. BestNerdLife

    ASPHALT 9: Legends on Nintendo Switch is surprisingly good! | BestNerdLife

    ASPHALT 9: Legends is a Free-To-Play arcade racing game on the Nintendo Switch that...doesn't actually suck. In fact, I think this game is surprisingly good.
  3. Gamer Bhoy

    I finally decided to play Pokémon Let's Go

    .... I was not impressed.
  4. Gamer Bhoy

    So, I finally played a Battle Royale game............ Tetris 99

    I'll be honest, I absolutely suck, horribly, at Tetris in general. But I did have a lot of fun playing this instalment. Please, please, please forgive me for two things; My low tone of voice and general quietness - it was late at night and I wish I waited until the following morning to...
  5. CrimKat

    The Nintendo Switch Isn't Perfect - (First YouTube Video)

    Hey Guys! I've been on and off of YouTube creation for years. I have never actually grown a channel, but I am hoping to start here and now! I'm a long-time Nintendo fan, but for my first video, I've decided to go over the things I don't like about the Nintendo Switch, as much as I love it...
  6. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Nintendo Switch Collab?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for people to do some funny moment videos on Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 & more! If interested let me know!
  7. Sven Snider

    Gaming CLOSED - Mario Kart 8 Collab (Nintendo Switch)

    Hello! As the title states, I am looking for some YouTuber's to record Mario Kart 8 with and have some fun. I am not fuzzy about subscriber count, so if you have a YouTube channel and own a switch with the game let me know. My channel:
  8. Andros

    Gaming need a Nintendo gamer for my channel do you have a switch?

    Im starting a gaming channel for news, updates and general fun .We will have topics to go over such as what we like. .Talk about something that is coming out, .We will have game reviews .Product review's like controllers and such .Unboxings for consoles and collectors editions...
  9. Hiper115

    Animation Need Animators For An Animation

    Hello, everyone! I need some animators for an animation idea that I have. I've already written a script and storyboard for you to work off. I can do some basic animation, but my project is too big for me to do by myself. Payment depends on the quality of animation. If your interested contact...
  10. AdmUp

    Why did I buy a Nintendo Switch?

    I made my mind up before launch that I didn't want a Nintendo Switch... Shortly after I decided I had to get one immediately.. Here are my reasons why.. Let me know what you think about Nintendo Switch.. Thanks for looking <3
  11. G

    Nintendo Switch Video Ideas

    Ok bois I need ideas. Im trying to make a funny/comedy video about the nintendo switch, so if you all can give me some inspiration that would be awsome!
  12. PunchbowlGaming


    Our weekly Podcast is here! This week we discuss recent film releases such as Logan and John Wick as well as the new Nintendo Switch. If you have a moment stick it on and have a listen. Let us know what you think
  13. SinLeviathan

    Would you buy a Nintendo Switch??

    Are you gonna buy a Nintendo Switch?
  14. The Clark Knight


    I hope you guys check out this video and my channel (: Always looking to help out other new gamers or people looking to collab!
  15. Sunsbookishgamesx


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