1. M

    Short Film Short film, United States ( Florida ) help needed...

    Alright, seen lots of post with hesitation and wasted words. Long story short, needing help for a horror short film unlike others. The story itself is still in a draft version, but has some screenplay and a script worked out. The thing with me personally is, Once I start something... I am...
  2. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Mysterious door open

    Walking through an old mysterious open door/gate in Copenhagen.
  3. Moospeaker

    Commentary Weird channel, weird collab

    So I don't know how to describe my channel accurately, I guess it's a mix of animation, comedy and thought provoking topics. I'm looking to do a collab with someone who makes similar content. There are no prerequisites really, only that you have a solid microphone, have the ability to write a...
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