1. Laitz

    The Legend of the Legendary Heroes「AMV」- Never Surrender ♫

    AMVS From My Second Channel !
  2. Laitz

    One Punch Man「AMV」- Hero ♫

    AMVS From My Second Channel !
  3. GrumpyMeatloaf

    Other Looking for Collaborators!

    Hey you guys! On my channel I create plenty of trivia styled videos revolving around music, movies, and video games. If any of you would like to collab at all and use one of my videos / make one for you to try out on your own channel, feel free to let me know! Here's an example of one of my...
  4. MCU Fanatics

    Epic-dramatic free music?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know where I can find no-copyrighted Epic-Dramatic music for movies montages (Marvel)? Appreciate all the support Thanks
  5. Dave Pollack

    Do you like Smooth Jazz?? Video review!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get your take on this video, especially from non-musicians. Basically I go around to different drive-thrus and order like I play soprano sax for them and ask them if they like smooth jazz and Kenny G. I'm going to be making a part 2, but wanted some...
  6. TeraVex

    New Techno-House Track!

    Hey guys! I'm back with a new track! This one is also from my upcoming album! If you enjoy it, don't be afraid to check out my other stuff! If you REALLY like it, I'd love for you to use it in your videos if you want! Just shoot me a message if you to!
  7. TeraVex

    First song w/ Lyrics: We Are One

    Hi! I don't normally make techno with vocals, but I decided to add a vocoder to this one! If you enjoy it, lemme know! Don't forget to share with your friends if you did! If you'd like to use this or one of my songs in your videos, message me! I'd love to help you out!
  8. TeraVex

    New Chillwave Song: Snowdriif

    Check out my new chillwave song! It's a bonus track from my upcoming album Topaz! If you enjoy it, don't be afraid to leave a comment and subscribe!
  9. S

    Services Experienced Composer Looking for Work | Sam Foster Sound

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer looking for work! I've scored many indie films and video games. For more info (demo reels, contact info, etc.), visit: samanthafoster (dot net) I also have royalty-free music available as well - visit the store page on my site for info.
  10. TeraVex

    See what new things are happening!
  11. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  12. O

    Music Quintessence - Original/Cover Music Group - Auditions (Singers, composers, mixers, + more)

    If interested please visit us on twitter @Quintessencetwt for audition forms and vocalist samples/links! Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can...
  13. Xander Ogilvie

    Music Ghost Writing

    Looking to do some music writing for upcoming rappers, let me know if you’re interested.
  14. tinydog

    Software/tool to detect music and dub over it or mute it? (music detection)

    Greetings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically detect when music (not speech or other sounds) is playing from a particular audio source, and either dub over it with different audio or simply mute it? Basically, I'm looking for a music detection tool. Example: I'm streaming a NASA launch...
  15. KDRaypole01

    Royalty free music? What things are you looking for?

    Hi everyone! Let me give a quick introduction, My name is Kobe. I am a software developer from the united states. Alright to the point. I'm creating a website that will allow youtubers, both big and small, to find royalty free music created by the community. The web application would feature...
  16. OndaWire

    True wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds by Etoli

    Are these true wireless earbuds the one? Check out the latest review! Follow me on YouTube and FaceBook at "OndaWire"
  17. E

    Do Youtube videos count as "Commercial Use"? What if the video gets monetized afterwards?

    So, I'm planning on creating a Youtube Channel (separately). Obviously, videos are much better with music in them. There are several websites out there that offer "Copyright Free" music, and most (if not all) of them require the music to be used in "non-commercial" ways, at least for the free...
  18. Rad


    I have recently uploaded a christmas video and I had to use the boring old sound effects because usually my videos get copyrighted if I use any songs from youtube... Any advice or sources?
  19. V

    Where to find background music?

    Hey all, Where do you find background music for your vlogs? Is it worth it to pay money for any of the services out there? Are there are websites or apps out there where you can create your own background music? Thanks Dave
  20. Bluelaade

    Request (NOT PAID) Need someone who is good at mixing music.

    Hey, guys! So I'm about to start work on a project (that I'm not gonna disclose here since I don't want someone taking the idea) and I need someone who can mix music together. I could probably do it myself, as I've mixed small pieces of music before, but I'm not a professional at it so it'd be...
  21. GameCable

    Music 24/7 Music live stream (help needed)

    So, 24/7 music live streams/radio stations on YouTube seem to be popular, so decided i'll have a shot at it. I'm in the process of finding music & saving it. But I need help... its hard to find Copyright Free Music on YouTube that's "good". I've probably just not looked hard enough. By the way...
  22. Paranoia_Origins

    Need PS4 SHAREfactory suggestions? Come on innnn... check it out!

    Hey whats up ps4 users, today I wanted to make a forum post just to give some information I feel you guys should know, if you don't already know! Now first here is a lot of questions people ask a lot! "How do I import Music/Videos/Images into SHAREfactory?" I will try my best to explain it all...
  23. Sammie

    Short Film New York Film Makers

    Looking to put a team together of people with all different skill sets that could be useful in making a short film. Currently working on a short film for a competition if anyone is interested in working on it with me DM me on instagram my instagram is @LividLady.v2
  24. D

    Need Suggestions: Copyrights VS Song covers

    Hello! I am making a few plans for my Youtube channel. Writing down a bunch of ideas, brainstorming. You know. Then it occurred to me, if I wanted to make a few covers of songs, I can't do so without getting in trouble for copyright issues right? I went to take a look at a few channels that...
  25. A

    Music Podcast collaboration

    Hello all you passionate musicians, I am looking for people who love what they do and want to share it to the world and join me for the podcast. Please get in touch if this is for you. Hope to hear from you soon all the best The Giant
  26. GameCable

    Trendy 10 Chart & you choose the songs on it! (Monday 22/10/2018)

    Hi guys, I thought it be cool if we could create a chart/video series of the trendiest songs. It will start on 22/10/2018 (The 1st video will be uploaded on 22/10/2018). Its simple: (Voting starts 2Day) 1. I'll list all the top songs in the world right now. 2. You vote. 3. We'll create 5 polls...
  27. KayThePianist

    Music Singers wanted for Youtube musical collab!

    Hello guys I'm a youtuber pianist from 10 years. I'm looking 2 singers for 2 collab videos. We will also upload audio on music platforms such as Spotify and we'll split earnings! I'm looking for: -a male singer for a medley of the Phantom of the opera, he will be the Phantom and he'll sing "The...
  28. Ray Ramon


    Ray Ramon is a Nigerian born Australian multi award-winning Independent Artist, singer-songwriter and Music Producer. Bad Bad Man is the second release EP album of 2018 by Australia's Ray Ramon This main feature track was written bordering on Domestic Violence. Ray's campaign is quite clear...
  29. B

    Music Collab with another youtube channel

    Hi to everyone i'm looking to collab with some youtube channel! I have a music channel,Bass Music,with a lot of genre music like edm,house,trap,etc.. I am new and i need some collab to grow both me and you !
  30. nguwusic

    30k subs and 2.6M views !

    Hello everyone, coming up to news :) 6 months ago, I open my first thread here for celebrating 20k. Little did I know that I hit 30k this morning Well, even if I saw a drop in statistics during the exam period in June, the growth was steady. Here's some numbers : - 10 subs in sept 2016 - 100...