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  1. ScienceOfSuccess

    How to make Viral Video, based on Contagious by Jonah Berger

    I'm sorry if the title is a clickbait, but it's not a click bait, just a great book. Jonah is a Marketing professor, and he used 6months research to find factors that make things go viral. he found the 6 factors that make people share: 1. Social Currency - You seems better by sharing it. This...
  2. Aida Wangeci Karabu

    How can I get more views on my channel and break out of my bubble?

    Hey, normally I post a video and I let a few of the girls in years 10 and 11 that I posted the video since its supposed to help people revise of GCSE exams - but how do I break out of this bubble so that people who aren't in my school watch the videos as well? In other words, how do I widen...
  3. Doctor Dano

    What is important to grow?!

    A few things are, like the most of us already know. Catchy titles, good tags, good thumbnails. But a few other things are important too. Please make sure your "about" section on your channel describes your channel! Youtube takes notice, and will create an algorithm on certain words used in your...