how to be famous on youtube

  1. CloudCJay

    Not your Typical How to Grow on YouTube Advice.

    Introduction: Hello everyone on YT. My name is CJ and I go by Cloud CJay. Today I wanted to share some cold hard facts on growing a YouTube Channel. First, I'd like to get this out there before it's said or "discovered" to try to discredit the advice that I'm about to share. Clicking on my...
  2. W

    How To Grow On Youtube

    Now Listen Up Ladies and Gentlemen, Because I Have Some News For Ya. Now, before i go off ranting about YouTube, lets talk about me so you know where i have been. I have 3 Accounts on YouTube (CarlPlayz, 156 Subs; WoR Gaming, 152 Subs; WingsOfRush, 8 Subs) I have been uploading for around 4...
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