guts and glory

  1. ChoccyMilkCrew

    First Youtube video

    Ignore my previous thread lol. My buddies and I, here at ChoccyMilkCrew, would love to get some feedback on our first video! Feel free to give any criticism/support you can! Thanks!
  2. ChoccyMilkCrew

    Started a gaming channel with some friends!

    Hey, guys! My friends and I finally started a Youtube channel! It's called the ChoccyMilkCrew and we have a gaming video out now! Also, we want as much feedback as we can get so we may improve! Thanks!
  3. The Happy Gamer

    JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL! | Guts and Glory #5

    The Yang Family Demo in Guts and Glory lets us drive around in a convertible! Let's see if Mr. Yang can drive his family safely to their destination!
  4. DisStalker

    Guts and Glory #2

    John and Jimmy were cool but Earl is awesome! Enjoy:D
  5. DisStalker

    3D Happy Wheels!

    This is some gameplay of Guts and Glory enjoy:D
  6. Duwiol

    Guts and Glory : Gameplay #1

    Hey guys, this is my first gameplay from my Guts and Glory playthrough. If you have some time it would be great if you could check it out!
  7. The Happy Gamer

    REDNECK AN' PROUD! | Guts and Glory #4

    We're back with an updated Guts and Glory with more courses and Earl the Redneck!
  8. lrduffy


    Hi guys, so I've been around the forum for a little while, but only now splashed some cash to get access in here haha. Anyways, this is my latest upload and I'm actually pretty proud of it! I'm usually really self critical and I'll love my video for all of 2 minutes, then I hate it once it's...
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