1. CubizFIFA

    Anybody got tips on growing as a Graphics Designers?

    I am relatively new to Graphics Design, I made a GFX channel - search for CubizGFX on YT to find it (Not aloud to post links) I have uploaded a few videos so far and am trying to grow, anybody got any tips for getting your graphics out there and growing?
  2. SomeGamer79

    Services SomeGamer79 Graphics Shop | Cheap | Affordable

    Welcome to my Youtube Graphics shop! Here you will find cheap, affordable high quality graphics for your Youtube channel! I currently only offer Thumbnails, Banners, Avatar's and Outro's for Youtube but will expand soon. Prices (Paypal only!) Thumbnail - £1.50 Outro Slate - £3 Channel Art...
  3. HeyItsMauricio

    Services Professional graphics designs!

    If you want some graphics i'm here to save you! But I sell graphics at a price... So let's see! All purchases on Paypal & Contact on private message so I can give you my Skype! -Channel Banners: $2 (1 banner) -Avatars: $1.50 (1 avatar) -Thumbnails: $2 (2 thumbnails) -YouTube Package: $5...
  4. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I am TheNodeGaming, or TheNodeGraphics and I am making free graphics for whoever wants it. I am decent at what I do, I am not EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL but I can make decent banners! Logos aren't as great because I don't have the best software for it at the moment but they should still look...
  5. RealChyllo

    Finished/Closed clsoed

  6. WarriorDan

    Request Looking for custom background card for video

    Hi, I'm thinking of starting up a gaming news show, discussing the latest interesting trends and news going at at that time, and I'm in need of a custom background card where on the right side I can feature gameplay footage or other secondary video footage I want to display, and on the left...
  7. Strafy


    I am creating banners, avatars and thumbnails 100% FREE for a limited time! Customized & Personalized to your channel! Here's some examples
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