1. Tiwalayo


    Hello, I'm a British Nigerian, and I have been living in Germany for just over a year. I speak French, and I'm currently learning German. I'm looking at making YouTube friends as well as building longterm friendships. My channel theme is mostly about Hair & Beauty, Travel Lifestyle & Culture...
  2. Tiwalayo

    Meet Up/Gathering PRAGUE, Czech Republic MEET UP

    Hello, I would LOVE to meet up and perhaps collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and Lifestyle, I live in Germany. I will however be in Prague, Czech Republic for the New Year, so it would be nice if we could meet up. My email address is All...
  3. Maicangirl

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers Living In Germany?

    I know you guys are out there . I want to collab , channel genre or size isn't important. If you are comfortable filming in public and talking to strangers then even better!
  4. P

    Comedy Looking for creative people from Germany

    Hi ^-^ I'm looking for people to collaborate with (Such a surprise, right?) from Germany, France or Netherlands. I'll be doing a special for Christmas, and I'd like to find people interested in being in videos on my channel. (If you want to do a video for your channel with me, I'm in as well :D)...
  5. Crazy Winny

    Vlog Looking for YOU in Germany, in particular Berlin!

    Please write back if you are living in Germany. I'm looking to collab!!
  6. Crazy Winny

    Vlog Looking to VLOG with YOU in Berlin!

    Hey there, I'm currently living in Berlin. I would really like to collaborate with you if you are also living in Germany. Looking forward to your reply! Stay awesome!
  7. Crazy Winny

    Comedy I need someone who's in GERMANY

    Hey there, As many of you people are in USA or Canada or other countries where they speak English, I was wondering if there's someone who's living in Germany? I am in Berlin. I would be so glad if you responded back if you are here in Germany. Looking forward to collaborating with you!
  8. M


    Hey guys, I am new in this forum and this is my first thread lol. My name is Gina and I live in Germany. Currently I am looking for people to do collabs with. I have a few ideas for funny Youtube challenges so if you are between 14-18 years old (I am 17) and you want to join... just email me...
  9. KevinS14

    Exploring the wilderness in Germany!

    Hey guys - I'm back! I just had a huge lull on Youtube because I've had family and friends from Canada come visit me here in Barcelona for over 6 weeks! After being so insanely busy it's nice to have reclaimed my office and finally have some time for my regular hobbies again. :) To celebrate...
  10. T

    Vlog Looking for collab, in Cologne,Germany.

    Hi, I have gaming channel its just new. Now starting vlog. Searching for partner as I have great idea.
  11. KevinS14

    A Canadian from Spain does a VLOG from Tübingen in Germany!

    Hey everyone!! This is actually my first post in here so I figured I'd post up my latest video with a little bit of background. :) I'm a video game producer and I'm now a Canadian expat living in Spain, and my channel is kind of a reflection of all that. It's a hobby of mine, and my other...
  12. FatalAti

    Where am I doing wrong ? Channel Review

    Hey guys I just started YouTube 3 weeks ago and I have to say that I love to make videos. It is really fun and time consuming hobby. But I also want to reach out to some people that they dont even know that they are searching for me. But for that first I have to improve. I have done a decent...
  13. JoanneMarie

    Meet Up/Gathering British Speakers in Germany? Or Somerset in UK or Nottingham?

    Now this is confusing and probably a shot in the dark..are there any Youtubers who are British or speak English in Germany willing to Collab/Meet up? I am also in Somerset in the UK (not sure when though!) and I will be in Nottingham for Christmas. I haven't even started my channel yet so...
  14. darkstarmedia

    Emma Goes To Berlin!

    Hello, my lovelies! I was lucky enough to visit Germany last month with Dad - and I put together a pseudo-pretentious arty-farty video in honour of the occasion. Enjoy, my posh toffs!
  15. A lot Betta

    Comedy In Hamburg for a week, ready for some pranks

    Hey guys, I will be in Hamburg from the 25th until the 30th of October. I am native German but live in Spain. I have some cool prank ideas, would just need someone to record me, all content would belong to you, don't have my own channel yet. Post a reply if you are interested. Thanks!
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