1. S

    Gaming Looking to get my gameplays featured on a bigger channel

    My Name is Jasper and I just restarted YT again. The most views on my channel is 33k. I only have 100 subs and I’m trying to grow my channel. I play alot of Modern warfare remastered. I have lots of very high kill games as well as insane clips so if you would like it featured on your channel or...
  2. S

    Gaming looking for Hytale colab when it comes out

    hi, this is ShaDope and I was thinking of making a new series in which there are 3 other players participating and we make a hytale adventure mode world together. I'm looking for someone aged between 9 to 18, as I'm 13 and I want to collab with people my age and yeah. if you don't know what...

    Gaming Funny Gaming Collaboration [PC]

    Howdy! I'm looking for some PC Gaming Youtube channels to collaborate with. My Youtube channel is SCOOTY BOOTY PATOOTY and I currently have 57 subscribers. I don't have much of a preference for what games I play on my channel, so long as the content is funny. If you're interested in...
  4. Bstar

    Gaming 17+|PC Gaming|Gaming Group/Community

    I'm looking to form a content creator group that can do videos together to sum it all up Rules: 1. Active content creator whether it be streaming or uploading 2. 17 and up only 3. PC only 4. Be active in general 5. Speak English Other Details: I'm Australian but i don't mind the whole country...
  5. CorporalKilljoy

    Gaming New To the Gaming Community

    I'm a Veteran Marine and I play video games lol. I also like 2D Wamen and just looking to make and collab to bring y'all some entertainment I Go by "Motivated Gamer" on YouTube and My Icon is a big Green "MG"
  6. D

    Gaming Looking for a brand new youtube gaming group/clan

    Hello So I'm starting a youtube channel soon where I will focus on making quality gameplay vids, and I would love to collab with anyone, and being in an actual group that I could collab with all the time would be absolutely amazing. So I eather want to make a new group or join one. I'm 13...
  7. Daddy Doovoo

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey there Folks im looking for a ps4 partner thats funny, trying to grow on YouTube, has a good sense of humor and knows how to edit. If you are interrested hit up my discord Doovoo#6067
  8. Sors

    Gaming Looking For PC Gaming Collab Group Members.

    Hi, I’m Elora and I'm looking for people to join myself and a few others in a gaming collab group. We play PC games including but not limited to CSGO, UNO, GTAV, SSL (Shell Shock Live) and GWYF (Golf With Your Friends). We would prefer you to be 18+. Please contact me on discord if you are...
  9. C

    Gaming Looking for small YouTube group(pc) to collab

    Hello my name's Sean , I'm from Singapore, a chinese Asian (LOL). I will prefer people who are closer to my timezone, but if u guys are interested I'm willing to discuss the playing time to see where we can find room for it. Other than that my only requirement is really to be mature (things...
  10. SheepDreams

    Honest Review?

    Hello name's Sheepy. Been gone from my channel for a few months but started in like late 2017. Anyways I consider myself a comedy channel. Most of my content is gaming, music videos and rants/storys. Through my own style of "animation". I'm looking for some new eyes too see what i can improve...
  11. Frost Titan Gaming


    Hi I am Frost Titan I am a kid friendly Youtuber who is searching for positive, funny, and energetic players who post frequently. I am super easy to get along with. I create videos on Skywars, Deathruns, Modded Hide N Seek, and Roleplay. I record a bunch of videos with a lot of content creators...
  12. LCGaming


    Hey guys and girls, feel free to go check out our new video up on our channel we are starting to get into Apex Legends and starting to get a feel for it. Don't forget to like comment and subscribe!! :)
  13. Frost Titan Gaming


    My name is Frost Titan I NEED YOUR HELP!! :help: Recently ive been looking for gamers to collab with who are able to buy some games and make videos with. I am looking for people who play: - Minecraft (hide an seek, bedwars, adventure maps) - Ultimate Chicken Horse - Gang Beasts -VR games...
  14. Frost Titan Gaming

    Request NEED A NEW BANNER ART!!!

    I am looking for someone who is good at making banner arts for youtube channels. I am willing to pay whatever it takes. please let me know at: Frost Titan#9778
  15. TeeDottie1

    Vlog Hi, Collabs in the Upstate NY area?

    Hey guys, I am Tee, and my other half is Zee. Yes, were two girls!! Let me tell you a little about us. We started youtube a few months ago, and just fell in love!! The positivity and love from the youtube community was amazing!! Our Channel is ( Tee & Zee Dott) Everyone is welcomed!! We hit a...
  16. B

    What’s the best way to attract new subs??

    hey I am fairly new to YouTube and my channel is growing slowly but I was wondering if anyone could help with some tips to attract new subscribers? I want to reach 100 so I can get my personal URL. Any help is appreciated :) Thankyou
  17. Daddy Doovoo

    Gaming Looking for a feller to collab with

    Hey i record gameplay, meme gameplay, montages, and much more is coming! interrested in a collab? hit me up!
  18. T

    Gaming Looking for small group of youtubers to collab

    Age - 14+ Requirements - 250+ subs Console - Xbox One Games - GTA 5, Fortnite, Farming Simulator 19 Discord - Yes
  19. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking for editors, GFX, gamers, and more

    Hey guys! I’m looking for people who can edit gaming videos and possibly be in them as well. We’re Gilded Phoenix Studios, a Start-Up Multimedia company that makes content for entertainment. Right now, we’re focusing on gaming videos on YouTube. My group makes 7 uploads a week and we have a...
  20. ItsKolapo

    Gaming Kings At War MC Server/Series (28K Subs)

    I am launching a Minecraft series called 'Kings At War'. It is an SMP type series, but with wars between participants. I did this series in 2015 with four other people on a very small island less than 1000 x 1000 blocks. I decided to do it again, but this time with 15-20 people and a massive...
  21. Semery036

    Gaming Kick-starting a community type channel

    Hey guys! I'm looking to kick start a little community type channel where you submit funny or epic gaming clips and get a chance to be featured in a video (apologize if I described it weirdly). I had this idea in my head for a while now, I just wasn't sure what the best way to start this type of...
  22. MegaCrasher

    2 Pokemon News videos! :D Hype times!!

  23. WarriorDan

    Alien Blackout [GAME REVIEW]

    I review the recently-released controversial Alien Isolation mobile spinoff, Alien Blackout. I'm not sure who over at Fox thought what Alien Isolation fans wanted was a mobile game, but they should be promptly tarred and feathered in early colonial fashion. Just a thought. I do appreciate...
  24. MegaCrasher

    2 videos for the price of 1! :D

    Got 2 videos for you all! :] We have a Pokemon GO discussion video where we talk about some of the Pokemon that got the best benefit from the latest movepool rework! This video discusses and reacts to Smogon/Pokemon Showdown and their new “other metagame of the month” tiers for February and...
  25. Boomslang

    Escape From Tarkov - Game Breaking Glitch - Terra Labs

    So in this video I am raising awareness of a game breaking glitch on Terra Labs, I need you all to share this video with Battle State Games and Nikita. Tweet/Facebook/Forums anything get them looking at it and we can get it fixed! Also take a look at the "Sherpa Cartel" Discord server and tell...
  26. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    What a going on y'all I'm looking for mainly ps4 youtubers but I also play xbox. I'm pretty motivated to do YouTube after about a year off and now the grind is gonna be real! I'm pretty laid back and is willing to work with anyone no requirements I mostly play sports titles but am open to any...
  27. WarriorDan

    Darkness Rises [GAME REVIEW]

    In my newest game review video, I review the hack-and-slash action-RPG mobile game, "Darkness Rises", in this newest episode of my longstanding "What Is The Point Of" series. Any feedback either here or below the video is always helpful. Likewise, if you enjoy this video and/or my other...
  28. MegaCrasher


    Can we SMASH 15 Likes? :) Thank you all for watching and be sure to leave a Like, Comment and Subscribe if you want to see more of our content again! :) #PositiveVibes #CrasherCommunity #Pokemon Welcome to our 8th episode of our battle narration series, Triple-threat Thursdays!! In episode 8...
  29. TheAllSenses

    Mixing regular channel videos with gaming content

    Hi, So, what do you think about adding gaming videos (let's play or whatever) to a channel which deals with a certain content ? Does it make sense ? Assuming the person is a gamer. Thanks.