1. L

    Gaming Looking for collaborations

    Hey all I’m sav aka LuvLockDwn. I recently started YT a month ago now with 71 subs im looking to continue growth. I play Apex Legends PS4 mostly but recently got back into call of duty. I’m willing to play anything as well i can get into PC gaming if necessary. I envision myself with a close...
  2. M

    Want to improve

    I've been making videos for about a year now. I have a gaming channel. I had to teach myself EVERYTHING from editing in Hitfilms, editing in GIMP, what and how OBS works, i was a complete noob. I learned everything from Google and Youtube.I still am no master at it but i continue to try and get...
  3. MadBlaxe

    Mixer Or Twitch What do you think (After Some Big Streamers went to mixer)?

    What do you think about some big names on twitch go to mixer and what do you think about twitch and mixer ?
  4. GrindGaming

    We'd love some feedback!

    Hi all! GrindGaming here, we are new to YTTalk and was hoping we could get some feedback from some of you, if not all of you out here! Would mean the world to us if you can help improve our content in any way. You might even enjoy it and stick around :) Look forward to hearing from you guys :-)...
  5. TheSoi2

    Gaming Gaming Group (Wanted)

    Hey what's going on guys! Today I have decided to start a new gaming group with my friend. If you guys watch the Vanoss crew or any other gaming groups that you like and want to do the same thing, just make sure you qualify for the requirements and leave a message down below or message on...
  6. WastedZan

    Gaming >>>Hello fellow yt gamers me and my group are looking for fellow gamers<<<

    Hello me and my fellow gamer friends are looking for some people to make vids with and just generally play To get a sense of what kind of videos we make please check out the channels down bellow: Me (WastedZan): link BStar: link Noah: link Akuma: link Fantro: link Requirements: -Be...
  7. N

    Gaming Minecraft and other gaming collabs

    Hi i just recently made this account and the reason to why is to get a group of gamers to play on a minecraft server whether its modded or vanilla but im looking for people with good commentary and also do YouTube and the age range of 17+ (im 22) my discord is IshMeister#4544 so add me up and...
  8. RealHift

    Gaming [17+] Starting YouTube Again [US/CA]

    Lot of people aren't online anymore nor do YouTube anymore, I just started YouTube up again, full-brand new channel, I'm looking for people in the same boat as me. They only requirements I'm pick about is: 17+ | Good Microphone | Decent PC add me on discord if you're interested: Hift#6179
  9. cloudy_puff

    Services Free Thumbnails

    Hey, I'm looking to get back into the graphics business and I need to build up a new folio. If anyone wants a free thumbnail, let me know :)
  10. B

    Gaming Looking for fun Gaming group 16+ (PC , Games like CSGO)

    Whatsupp guys my name is Brett and i'm 17 years old. I started my channel like 2 weeks ago and have around 45 subs. I'm looking for some fun guys to chat and game with. You gotta be serious into youtube though Link to my channel: Respond if interested :D
  11. RealHift

    Gaming 17+ Collaborations (Small YouTubers)

    Hey, My name is Hift I've done YouTube before and hit 100+ subs and it got stale, but I wanna start making videos again. I'm 17 so I'm looking for people from the age range from 17 - 19, I've been editing for myself and bigger channels for a few years and just enjoy making content, It doesn't...
  12. HeadRock


    Hey guys, My name is HeadRock and I have been doing YouTube seriously for about a year now. One thing I have noticed is working with other people and other channels seem to boost you a lot. I am looking for another channel. Preferably 500 plus subs to Collab with on a Fortnite video. I know...
  13. B

    Gaming Looking for fellow epic Gamers

    Hi guys, my name is Brett and i'm looking for some fellow gamers I'm uploading minecraft and LoL and i'm planning to do some ark and rocketleague and sea of thieves too! Link to channel : If you're interested and above 16 years old msg me! Brett
  14. ImVolce

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments Recording group like the Misfits! (Xbox / PC / PS4)

    Hi my name is Volce, me and my friends are looking for a recording group.. We are a dark sense of individuals like the Misfits (SwaggerSouls , Fitz , Zuckles . RaccoonEggs etc.) We record discord, CSGO, Rainbow (on pc), COD Modern Warfare (when its out) and.. many other games! The requirements...
  15. Wadism

    Gaming PS4/PC Funny Moments Group - Looking for a member or two to add!

    Hi guys Me and a couple of my pals are looking for a couple of ACTIVE & CONSISTENT content creators who are interested in joining our group, 'The Winkies' We mainly play PS4, generally focusing around Fallout and soon to be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare but we're always up for new games and...
  16. TheEzeJC

    Gaming Looking For Someone Who Will Synergize With Me

    Now we all know collabs are important and even helpful, but not all collabs are successful. This is because the creators don't help one another in boosting their personality. On that note, I am looking for people who might connect well with me. Also, I am looking for someone who is serious about...
  17. Josh spartan1

    Gaming What games are people playing?

    Hey there everyone Josh spartan1 here, I'm new and wanted to get to know the community better so was thinking what better way to do so than by engaging in a topic I adore! Recently I've been making loads of videos for my YouTube, I've been playing Man of medan, Blair witch, Gears 5 and soon...
  18. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to make a couple of gaming videos and streams with.

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into Youtube and Twitch and would love someone to collaborate with to have fun and help grow each others channels. I'm 19 so preferably no one under the age of 16 and that's about it really. Here's my Youtube and Twitch if you wanna check them out before replying :)
  19. Sgt_Gimlinho

    Gaming Anyone down to collaborate and have good fun ;)

    Yoyo, Recently began my journey on Youtube, a week ago to be exact :) Being a fresh new youtuber on the scene can be hard, and I believe some form of collaboration would help immensely. I like gaming and I like to have fun! I am on both PC and PS4. I'm 19 years of age. Check out my channel to...
  20. Jonzmemes

    Gaming I need a recording group for my channel.

    As it says above I'm looking for a new group of people to record games with. I already record with some friends but they don't have channels and are not always willing to record. My channel has 160 subs and I post weekly. My discord is jonzmemes#5144. Requirements: Aged 14+ Willing to get...
  21. H

    Gaming Need Collabs

    Hey my names Kaleb aka Hubbs im looking to get back into youtube and need friends to make content with, i know how to do mostly everything when it comes to recording and editing, i have lots of games to play and record and am willing to buy more, Im also 18, and would prefer anyone willing to...
  22. S

    Need feedback/critiques on my style

    Started making gaming-related YouTube videos a little over a month ago and I absolutely love it. However, I’m not sure if my videos are as entertaining/well-edited as they can be. Since I’m just starting out and don’t have many viewers, I would love it if you guys/gals could let me know what I...
  23. S

    Should i give up on my youtube channel?

    Should i give up on my YouTube channel? I have been working so hard on it, staying up late to edit, redo doing thumbnails, planning out videos ect. But it never pays off. This is something i really enjoy doing but its discouraging to see everything going down. My audience retention is as 40% but...
  24. PoseidonOnYT

    Gaming 18+ Misfits Style PS4 Gaming Group

    Hey guys, my name is Poseidon and I'm looking to keep up a consistent collaboration with a few people on ps4. I'm 20 years old and have been on YouTube for ~7 years, but I've only been serious about it for about 2 years. if you want to give it a peak I play a bunch...
  25. Heroiism

    Gaming PC Youtubers Looking for Group Recordings/Growth

    I'll make this short and simple :) Myself & two other Youtubers have been recording together for a couple years now and are looking to meet some people who are interested in consistent collaborations and growth. We play mostly on PC and are open to any games that could potentially make for...
  26. BestNerdLife

    The SEGA Mega Drive 'Plug N Play' console by AT Games

    Thanks to my step-dad, I've managed to get my hands on the AT Games version of the SEGA Mega Drive. This plug and play console boasts 81 built in games, Stereo Sound, and a slot that accepts official Mega Drive cartridges. Sounds good right? Well, with the official SEGA Mega Drive Mini about to...
  27. BestNerdLife

    The SEGA Mega Drive 'Plug N Play' console by AT Games

    Thanks to my step-dad, I've managed to get my hands on the AT Games version of the SEGA Mega Drive. This plug and play console boasts 81 built in games, Stereo Sound, and a slot that accepts official Mega Drive cartridges. Sounds good right? Well, with the official SEGA Mega Drive Mini about to...
  28. Bleu


    HEY !! I go by the name of bleu I currently have 137 Subscribers in counting I'm trying to post daily content from this day forward, feel free to check out my channel ! Im looking for gamers who are willing to collab around the same amount of subs as i have you dont have to record daily with me...
  29. Jonzmemes

    Gaming I'm making an ironic Minecraft mondays series.

    A jks Minecraft Monday series. Need alot of people. when we get a few people interested ill make a discord server but for now add me jonzmemes#5144 or my discord server 50+ subs 14+ Decent microphone Link your channel bellow. This is me...
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