1. Anavultus

    Gaming Looking for Third Member in Gaming Live-stream/ Podcast

    I am the co-host of a long-running weekly podcast which is currently called the Anavultus and Mourad Podcast; I run this podcast with my co-host Mourad Afassi. This podcast consists largely of gaming, but also includes artistic pursuits and deep discussions of current issues (anything can...
  2. Laitz - METALSTEP

  3. O

    Gaming Group of friends looking to add more people to gaming group!

    Hello! I'm a part of a group of friends looking to add more people to our group! We also upload game sessions to YouTube, of course! Currently we're looking for all kinds of people; gamers, editors, community staff, and just people with experience and skills who are looking for a good group...
  4. P

    Gaming Do you want to play Fortnite together?

    Anybody wants to play Fortnite with me on a video and just have fun to exchange subs tell me! :) Requirements: Channel built around Fortnite with @500 subs and 50-100 views per video.
  5. DerpyElora

    Gaming Are You A Derp Like Me?

    Hoi everyone! I'm attempting to make new friends and create some funny and entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long-lasting group that can make each other laugh. I have a Discord...
  6. alilouk

    Gaming Looking to build a YT group/network

    Hello, my name is alilouk and I am 16 years old, I have been doing youtube for a little while now and have accumulated 1200+ subscribers, however a problem I face quite often is not finding someone with the same passion for youtube as me, and that is why I am posting this thread. The whole point...
  7. J

    Gaming Gaming and Collaborating Group

    Hey, I run a community on Discord with help of others. The group is set up as a gaming community but we do have streamers and video creators also, such as myself. We are looking to add more people to the community so people have more chance to collaborate with others (as work likes to get in the...
  8. Lord Nugs

    Inspiration and video ideas

    Hey guys, so my channel is just starting out and it's going to be mostly gaming videos. I've been starting out just doing simple Let's Play's but I've been wanting to change that up. Basically what I'm trying to say is I'm not sure what kind of gaming videos I could do to try and hopefully make...
  9. Laitz

    Top Comedy - Most Hilarious Siege - {PART 2}

  10. Alvarez Gaming

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Apex Legends Xbox One Players

    I'm looking for people who want to consistently make content and help each other grow. Im currently recording and playing a lot of apex legends on xbox one. I have around 370 subscribers and 50k views. Anybody interested please hit me and lets get grinding Link To My Channel...
  11. Alvarez Gaming

    211 Videos 371 Subs 50k Views Please Help....

    What's up everybody so I've been going at youtube for quite some time now and I seem to be stuck. I know of a major effect on my channel is game hopping. I've hopped around quite a few games and I know that confuses my viewers. I just wanted to get some feedback on my channel and what I can do...
  12. boxofkinsley

    Gaming Gaming group/community looking for new people

    Hello, I'm Kinsley and I currently have a discord with my friends that involves gamers, streamers, editors, and artists, and we're looking for new members since the discord is pretty small so far. We do a lot of fun stuff and play games together almost every day, this includes. League of...
  13. Carlo202YT!

    Gaming Looking for GOOD FUNNY YouTubers!

    I am a VERY underrated channel looking to collab with others and become friends :) Here are the requirements: Must be 16-18 Must have a decent mic Only PC Must be active My time zone is BST but I'll accept other time zones Must speak English Must be entertaining MUST BE A GOOD YOUTUBER (If your...
  14. Protecterorb

    Gaming Gaming group looking for new members

    Hey everyone, I'm Orb, a founder of WinMore Productions. We create gaming content for YouTube and Twitch. We do some filming offline, too! If you wanna join, than fill out this application, thank you so much! 1.Name: 2. Timezone: 3. Discord: 4. Age: 5. YouTube/twitch: 6. What skills do you...
  15. Freakygeak

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record videos with! (PC only)

    Hi, my name is Freakygeak20 and I have a small youtube channel (around 70 subs). I'm here today as I'm looking for new people to play games and recorde videos with. I life in normal but speak pretty good english. I am open for new games but I mostly play Dead By Daylight, The Forest, League of...
  16. Kaptic

    Gaming Looking for fun people to to play/record with on PC!

    Title pretty much says it all. Hi, i'm kaptic, i'm 17 and I like to play video games and have fun. I'm looking for some people who are around the same age as me and like to have to fun and just mess around while playing. If you're interested in playing some time add me on discord! I hope to meet...
  17. S

    Gaming Looking for fellow youtube content creator for fortnite / other games PS4/PC

    Hi Everyone, I'm Strahan or to my very small channel community Strayhan Warrior. I'm 27 and from England, I have recently started a youtube gaming channel and am looking to network and grow my channel. I'm still finding my feet with the video's im putting out but I have plenty of ideas for...
  18. Gits and Shiggles

    Video Variety and Channel Type

    Hello all, I was wondering what type of content works best on my channel, I upload longer videos and also short memes. Do ya'll think that both can exist together on the channel, or should I just stick to one? Thanks for your help and feedback! Channel...

    Mixing my art and gaming.. thoughts?

    I just had a new idea on my channel to mix both my artistic talents and gaming. I'm trying to make a more diverse channel as opposed to just let's plays, so I created a recent speed draw of a character from a game. Thoughts on the idea?
  20. ForbidenProdigy

    Gaming Looking for People to Play With

    Just kinda looking for other small channels to try and play with to hopefully help each other grow in the long run or at least someone with the same interests to be friends with and bounce ideas off of from time to time. I don't really have anything to offer right now since I have pretty much 0...
  21. CorporalKilljoy

    Gaming PUBG Zombies Group?

    I'm a Veteran Marine new to the Gaming scene on YouTube. I would like to form a group/clan whatever you what to call it, to collaborate with other gamers to make YouTube videos. Basically start a new YouTube group people would like to watch and subscribe to
  22. S

    Gaming Looking to get my gameplays featured on a bigger channel

    My Name is Jasper and I just restarted YT again. The most views on my channel is 33k. I only have 100 subs and I’m trying to grow my channel. I play alot of Modern warfare remastered. I have lots of very high kill games as well as insane clips so if you would like it featured on your channel or...
  23. ShaDope

    Gaming looking for Hytale colab when it comes out

    hi, this is ShaDope and I was thinking of making a new series in which there are 3 other players participating and we make a hytale adventure mode world together. I'm looking for someone aged between 9 to 18, as I'm 13 and I want to collab with people my age and yeah. if you don't know what...

    Gaming Funny Gaming Collaboration [PC]

    Howdy! I'm looking for some PC Gaming Youtube channels to collaborate with. My Youtube channel is SCOOTY BOOTY PATOOTY and I currently have 57 subscribers. I don't have much of a preference for what games I play on my channel, so long as the content is funny. If you're interested in...
  25. Bstar

    Gaming 17+|PC Gaming|Gaming Group/Community

    I'm looking to form a content creator group that can do videos together to sum it all up Rules: 1. Active content creator whether it be streaming or uploading 2. 17 and up only 3. PC only 4. Be active in general 5. Speak English Other Details: I'm Australian but i don't mind the whole country...
  26. CorporalKilljoy

    Gaming New To the Gaming Community

    I'm a Veteran Marine and I play video games lol. I also like 2D Wamen and just looking to make and collab to bring y'all some entertainment I Go by "Motivated Gamer" on YouTube and My Icon is a big Green "MG"
  27. D

    Gaming Looking for a brand new youtube gaming group/clan

    Hello So I'm starting a youtube channel soon where I will focus on making quality gameplay vids, and I would love to collab with anyone, and being in an actual group that I could collab with all the time would be absolutely amazing. So I eather want to make a new group or join one. I'm 13...
  28. Daddy Doovoo

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey there Folks im looking for a ps4 partner thats funny, trying to grow on YouTube, has a good sense of humor and knows how to edit. If you are interrested hit up my discord Doovoo#6067
  29. Sors

    Gaming Looking For PC Gaming Collab Group Members.

    Hi, I’m Elora and I'm looking for people to join myself and a few others in a gaming collab group. We play PC games including but not limited to CSGO, UNO, GTAV, SSL (Shell Shock Live) and GWYF (Golf With Your Friends). We would prefer you to be 18+. Please contact me on discord if you are...
  30. C

    Gaming Looking for small YouTube group(pc) to collab

    Hello my name's Sean , I'm from Singapore, a chinese Asian (LOL). I will prefer people who are closer to my timezone, but if u guys are interested I'm willing to discuss the playing time to see where we can find room for it. Other than that my only requirement is really to be mature (things...