1. Z

    Gaming Need people for fortnite battle royale ps4

    I need other YouTubers to play fortnite battle royale with, make some videos, do some challenges, get some wins, and have some fun. Reply or just add my ps4 name: zombie393slayer1 and message me so I know where you came from, thanks. :)
  2. Th3XoCat

    Gaming Wanna Colab

    I'm trying to colab with other people... Gamers of course people 12-15 i'm 13 btw I play fortnite Minecraft & Trove i'll help with your channel if you help with mine and while your at it mine as well SUB to my YT channelWanna know how to setup your channel on here msg me
  3. JBR27

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Where Are They?

    I am loving this amazing game on the PS4. Good old Fortnite Battle Royale is taking up hours of my days now and I am capturing plenty of footage I can turn into some quality content. This video is a squads gameplay with 2 of my mates so there is only 3 of us and we grind out a sweet victory...
  4. JBR27

    Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments - Double Jump Pad Escape

    You gotta love some Fortnite Battle Royale and this game has become to addicting for me. Just some funny moments clips from many of my games with one epic double jump pad escape from a ridiculous gun battle we got destroyed in. Absolutely loving this game so much so hopefully I can keep getting...
  5. JBR27

    Welcome to my Channel - Fortnite Battle Royale

    Whats going on YTtalk? This is my first video on my new channel welcoming all the amazing people we have within this community but also the YouTube community. The video pretty much is about why I am doing YouTube and what my aim from this channel is. Also talks about my life a little and what I...
  6. CrunchyTvYT

    Gaming Xbox Fortnite

    Does anyone want to collab on YouTube Fortnite? I Xbox one and im hoping to make a video that will do very well
  7. MultiDragon129


    FORTNITE CHRISTMAS FUNNY MOMENTS | Let's Play! | #1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys! Playing Fortnite with abunch of Friends including...
  8. J

    Gaming interested in collabing fortnite battle royal

    interested in collabing fortnite battle royale on ps4 my psn is mollza10
  9. KachowMyCow

    Gaming Looking for people to play Xbox games and record with me

    I only have 3 subs but i'm a heck of a good time. Main things I play are Fortnite and Battlefield but ask if you have another suggestion and want to collab! I have an elgato, a blue snowball, and 2 monitors so i'm not messing around either. I'm only 14 and 3 quarters though, but Im not a...
  10. M

    Gaming Looking For Group (Fortnite)

    Hey! I'm Mulch and I am looking for a group of people who would want to make YouTube videos together. If you are confused about what I am talking about, look up Vanoss or Im Voltz on YouTube. They are both people who have a group of friends on YouTube. I don't have many requirements but I listed...
  11. H

    Gaming Looking for PS4 youtubers

    hey guys im looking for a group of people to collaborate with on youtube. I have a channel with 30+ subscribers which isn't but everyone has to start somewhere. The type of vibe im looking for is a Joking type of vibe not to serious just a group of people having fun and making videos such as...
  12. C


    Hey guys. I'm a graphic designer who likes to play video games, so I am making a channel! I don't make many videos yet but when I do I like to play with people who are enjoyable to play with Please be: 14 years of age or older Be a nice, funny person Have any cool games (In the title of the...
  13. Element Arsenic

    Gaming PS4 (Fortnite & WWII) Live Stream Collab

    Hey Guys! I am looking for some skilled players to play some fortnite and WWII on live stream with me. The better we are the more entertaining the content is! I will be live streaming tonight, so let me know if you are interested! Shoot me a message on youtube if you are interested!
  14. Sven Snider

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers - Fortnite and Overwatch

    Hello, Me (6k subs) and my buddy HardcoreNoob (30k subs) are looking for some YouTubers to play some games with! We play a lot of Fortnite and starting to get more into Overwatch. - Do you own one of the two games mentioned? - Do you have a decent microphone? - Are you free to play on a...