final cut pro x

  1. The NotARubicon!

    Anyone switch from FCP to Premier?

    I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Apple/FCP.. Currently since the High Sierra upgrade FCPX is almost unusable (not just for me, but thousands of others) and who knows if/when Apple will ever get around to fixing it.. It seems like every few months I go through this same type of...
  2. The NotARubicon!

    Best workflow for collaborative editing w/Final Cut Pro?

    I am starting a project where I will be working with another person that will be shooting video and editing with me. We will both have video from each of our (multiple) cameras and will both be editing the projects - or, one will be the primary editor and the other will need to be able to review...
  3. KatyAdelson

    FCP X updated...where'd the zoom slider go? D:

    So...I finally caved in and updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.3... I literally can't find things anymore, especially the zoom slider that lets you zoom in and out of clips quickly. Before the update, it was located here: After the update, where did it go? :eek: (the little magnifying...
  4. Jayel_Boss

    Hitfilm and Final cut, premiere and after effects doppleganger??

    So guys im looking into rigging myself down with a nice good video editing rigand i was curious. Is it a good idea to buy final cut pro x for video editing and also to buy hitfilm 4 pro for video compositing. Now i know it may not make sense since HF4PRO is a video compositing software and a...
  5. JustCallMeCass

    Is Final cut pro hard to learn how to use ?

    I currently use I movie ! Should I upgrade to final cut ? Is it worth the price tag ? Thanks in advance
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