feedback about my channel

  1. Hooctapus

    VIDEO REVIEW - Please give me a review on the overall quality and interest

    I’ve been making YouTube videos for a year now and I do it mostly because I love the whole process and being goofy with my friends and seeing their faces light up when I’ve finally finished editing the vlog they were in. But now I’m starting to get more ‘serious’ in it and I want to start making...
  2. Salvenzo

    Would like to get some feedback...

    Hey guys! I'm new in here. I'm music producer and i'm uploading videos 2-3 times a week,recently made some progress in making better content. So i would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback if i'm doing videos good or not and what could be better. Here is my youtube channel: ...
  3. RinneCosplay

    What do you all think of my content?

    Hello everyone! I'm new in this forum so nice to meet you all! My name is RinneCosplay and l'm just your average girl who loves to make content for everyone in the world to see! I create content from various topics such as Gaming, Vlogging, Dancing, Reacting and many more! I love all things...
  4. TeeDottie1

    [locked] I want to give up, advice please!!!!!!

    I'm an emotional wreck right now.. Our view have done nothing but going down, and it really sucks.. Do the people not like us, or what .. idk its just so stressful!!! If you can please give us some type of feedback.. any feedback is good feedback remember that !
  5. Paranoia_Origins

    FULL YouTube Channel Feedback, How to Promote Better, Etc..

    Hey guys Kuji here of the "The House of Wolves Gaming"; and I'm here to seek serious help with growing my youtube channel. Due to the fact that I have 1,000+ subscribers and bearly any views on any of my videos shows that I'm a lot wrong here. List below what "I" think I'm doing wrong: List of...
  6. Mirko

    Be harsh with feedback

    I'm looking for some constructive feedback and I want you guys to say it how it is. What else can I do in order to grow as my current growth is about 1 sub every few days! Also if you have any video ideas that would help my channel (gaming related) be sure to leave them! Thanks to anyone...
  7. LUXO

    I'm looking for some feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback because I have to be doing something wrong because when I upload its quality content and I'm sharing my videos and still no views and my friend started after me about 2 months and he already has like 100 subs more than me its frustrating.
  8. Chicken Tendies

    More channel feedback

    So for the most part I got a new logo and channel banner and my skills at making thumbnails is slowly increasing and I feel I have reached a new peek of my channel and I wanted a nice honest look/Review of the channel to see if I need to improve it more
  9. N

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys I just want to know your opinion on my channel and what I need to do to improve the channel here’s the link to the channel. YouTube Channel: Just in case the other link doesn’t work so I just put it in
  10. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  11. Eve Hemingway

    Does anyone else say "erm" and "like" too much that it looks jumpy once edited?

    Hey can you guys check out some of my videos and let me know if they are too jumpy. I put a lot of jump cuts in because I say like and errrrm so much! I think the videos that are of concern for me are: THIS IS IMPORTANT an insight to antenatal depression and MY 13 REASONS WHY | BULLYING...
  12. Eve Hemingway

    [video review] I uploaded my labor story. Was yours as dramatic as mine?

    I have started my parenting channel and I would love your feedback! I am a new youtuber (started this year) and I am excited to grow my channel. I am open to all feedback, negative and positive. Just let me know :D
  13. Dutchie Abroad

    A 100 subs! Now what?

    Hello everyone~ So, as some of you might know, my channel hit a 100 subs about a week ago. Sadly, for some reason, both my amount of new subs and my amount of views have decline considerably after that. Now, I don't know if it is due to the time of year (everyone is pretty busy with school...
  14. FloFloBear

    Feedback on our anniversary cake video

    Hey We recently uploaded our 3rd vlog and this time it's a bit different. We are engaging more with the audience and talking on camera. It would be awesome to know how you think we did and at the same time get some feedback on: How well we engaged with the viewer? Is the production quality...
  15. Pedro Nascimento

    I Have Been Told My Videos Look Good, WHAT'S WRONG?

    I have been making videos for a couple years already and learned a lot until today. Lately I have been receiving some comments and some people personally saying my videos look very good. Personally not being full of myself, I like my videos, there is lots of work to do and I know I can get...
  16. JayyDaGawd

    Stuck at 30 subs!!!

    Hey guys!!! I have been stuck at 30 subs for a few weeks now and also my views per video have dropped a ton. I honestly don't know why this is happening and would like some feedback. I know I don't upload everyday or consistently, but I was getting 25-30 views a video now I'm only getting...
  17. The Humble JuanB

    Honest Channel feed back!

    Just looking for honest constructive criticism to my young channel, i value all opinions and ideas that can help me become better as an entertainer, director and actor! what would you like to see different? maybe a video type you think i should focus on? or you think i should just clean up and...
  18. TheDazzlingDan

    Looking for honest, blunt channel/video feedback.

    Hey, so I started my gaming playthrough channel around 2 months ago (Original I know) :P So far I've absolutely loved it! I've met some pretty cool people and I'm really enjoying making videos :) However, with me being pretty new to Youtube I'm still trying to get as much feedback as I can...
  19. BrandyKoopa

    how do my channel look

    Recently started my CPU vs CPU channel page, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of my videos, thumbnails, Banner, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated Link to channel:
  20. Pedro Nascimento

    3 Years, 750 Subscribers! What's Wrong?

    Hello to all of you, I have been trying to figure it out by myself but I was not able to find out. I have been trying everything that I know, I got a lot of advice from a lot of people here in this forum, it helped me a lot but still it is too hard for me to get subscribers. I have been working...
  21. Jake Roman

    Looking for Feedback on Our Style of Comedy

    Hey guys! We are looking for some perspective on our comedy and whether or not our jokes are reading well on the youtube platform right now! Let us know if you think the video below moves too fast/slow, is easy enough to understand, and anything else you might pick up on that I could be...
  22. Melanie King

    How can my Comedy Channel, get over this bump?

    Hey guys! So I started my YouTube channel about a year ago and for the first 7 months or so the growth was fairly consistent. Now, not so much. It seems like people go to my channel and like my videos, but they don't subscribe or they never comment back again. Where as the first few months I...
  23. MrBigTAnderson

    Channel Feedback

    Just want to see where I can improve as a channel. I have been at 7 subscribers for a little bit of time and I would really like to get that number to go up. It is gaming but I want to do more story videos as well maybe some fanfic readings because I think there are some good ones that could use...
  24. Tac0cann0n

    Looking for feedback on my Channel / Content that I produce!

    Hey Everyone! I was looking for feedback on my videos, since I've just started back up in producing content, and was looking to see how people are receiving it. I mostly making gameplay content, but I usually put a lot of time together editing my content, so it's not just straight gameplay. I'd...
  25. Sk Jony

    Looking For Feedback On My Channel Types?

    Hello, I start my youtube journey since 2014. First time I work on sports fans reaction video but after that I created some social media, seo and money earnings related video. But now I confused where I confused and what type of video I need to grow my channeL. Anyone tell me if I created...
  26. Gingican Games

    Feedback: can you guys feel me how to improve?? Or if I'm doing good

    I would like to know if my videos are entertaining to watch and if you would click on more after seeing one of my videos. Is there anything I can improve on and maybe how I can improve it. Thank you!
  27. anime destruction

    Channel Feedback

    Can someone check out my thumbnails to see if they are readable and if they are eye catching? also can someone see if my audio is good enough and that the music doesnt affect my voice. thanks.
  28. Juliana Sabo

    Channel Trailer/Branding Feedback

    Hey everyone, I know branding is a really important aspect of a successful YouTube channel. I've tried to "brand" my channel and content, but lately I've been wondering if perhaps I need an update. If you could please check out my channel and trailer, and leave any feedback or advice, that...
  29. spookayed

    Need feedback

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me some feed on my channel I want to know what you think and what I need to work on
  30. BrandyKoopa

    Channel review

    you guys could give me some feedback, some criticism would be very helpful. You can target my videos, channel branding, thumbnails, anything... Whatever feedback you have, bad or good, I am willing to listen! Because that's what I want from a review, constructive criticism!! :D Thank you all...
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