1. Bobby and Emily

    He Smokes weed?!

    Check out this awesome vlog and subscribe if you like what you see :)
  2. LeGenDaryPuLse

    Toby Turner Rape Allegation

    Thoughts on this? For those of you who don't know there have been allegations made from the youtuber Tobuscus' ex girlfriend that he allegedly raped her multiple times and did some weird s**t to her. Some big youtubers stood against Tobuscus like KSI.
  3. CreepyMeow

    Home Alone (.. on drugs)

    Hey, well.. this is a thing i made. I'm thinking of making a series out of this - what do you think? Also - i'm getting in to this youtube thing balls deep so watch yo' face and subscribe!
  4. O

    Should I continue making videos?

    Me and my friends decided to get high and make a video of us hanging out and being comedic, I guess. I always wanted to start a YouTube channel, should we keep making videos? Does anything need to be changed to keep viewer attention? honestly.
  5. DaRealApollo


    Earlier today, I uploaded a new story video about the druggies at me school, I think it turned out well.
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