dislikes on youtube

  1. Z

    How do likes influence your videos?

    Viewers liking or disliking your video helps by telling you, the creator, if people are enjoying the content or not. It also helps tell viewers if a video is worth checking out. Besides that, do likes have any other influence on videos? Do videos with more likes rank better and have a better...
  2. Elasmosaurus

    Negative One (-1) Dislikes?

    So I'm interested to know what the go is here. I've got negative one (-1) dislikes on one of my vids. So how does that happen? I'm not fretting or anything like that, just interested is all. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Peter_Brown

    The Good, Bad & Ugly Of Everyone Having A Voice

    Everyone wants to have a voice. This is one of the main draws of watching videos on YouTube. If I watch a video and have a comment to make, I can post it and have almost instant access to the video creator. What other video medium offers that kind of access? Tom Cruise will never read my...
  4. Anjim

    Hard work doesn't pay and not perfect

    Both of my channels hasn't been growing lately and it's getting frustrating. Other people grow faster than me and I want to improve my content but I get dislikes and sub4sub comments all the time. I am trying to say I am not trying to be perfect but someone who can put similes on people faces...

    Should I be afraid of dislikes?

    Hello, I'm fairly new here and i'm just getting started with my channel and trying to find the niche that i like to play and upload to my channel that gets views, subscribers, and followings on my channel in the process, but when i look at some of my videos, i see some are disliked sometimes. Is...
  6. SeanFace101

    Does Having Alot of Likes Help?

    Does having a lot of likes on your YouTube videos help them in anyway get more views? and same question about Dislikes, do they have any bad effect on the video?
  7. GunGecko

    Dislikes :(

    So today I woke up and found that many people had disliked my video. I dont want to sound like a wuss or something but I guess it kinda upset me (haters gona hate). I dont know the reason for this hate as everything in the video seems to be ok... i think anyways. Do you guys know what i should...
  8. SauceOne

    Dislikes Don't Matter! | Saucy Rants

    This is the beginning of a new series on my channel— "Saucy Rants". Today, the topic is Dislikes on YouTube and what they mean for your channel. Thanks for your time! :)
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