1. H

    Video Unavailable - No Takedown notice or any details as to why this is occuring

    Hi, I have a new project where I'm uploading mixes I'm recording, made from original and re-releases of Blue Note records (they are all collectors items) and uploading the videos to my channel. I was well aware I wouldn't be able to monetize these videos as I do not own the music, plus the...
  2. B

    Copyright claims and monetization disabling.

    I have five copyright claims summary, and of what I read it is a safe number for monetization, furthermore, I know creators that have a lot more claims and they still have monetization, but I'd really like to hear any other opinions. These five videos are really important to me, and I already...
  3. RashadTheCreator

    Reaction Videos - Fair Use Question

    Hey guys! I've recently decided to start doing reaction videos, and i wanted to know what the fair use policy is regarding these videos. Obviously I cant put full episodes of programmes or trailers in my video, but what are the actual grey areas im allowed to operate within? Thanks in advance!
  4. RashadTheCreator

    Using movie/trailer footage in my videos

    Hi guys, quick question! I review movies,tv shows and trailers on my channel. I wanted to know how I go about using footage from trailers or movies in my videos without getting copyright claims. What is the best way to do this? Thanks!
  5. tinydog

    Software/tool to detect music and dub over it or mute it? (music detection)

    Greetings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically detect when music (not speech or other sounds) is playing from a particular audio source, and either dub over it with different audio or simply mute it? Basically, I'm looking for a music detection tool. Example: I'm streaming a NASA launch...
  6. StormeyCat

    Need your help quickly guys

    So yeah I think I have a little problem here I'm new on youtube and I make games evolution videos. so I take clips from other videos and channels and put them in one clip and put some information like the date and things + put the source of course and upload it on youtube I want to make those...
  7. E

    Do Youtube videos count as "Commercial Use"? What if the video gets monetized afterwards?

    So, I'm planning on creating a Youtube Channel (separately). Obviously, videos are much better with music in them. There are several websites out there that offer "Copyright Free" music, and most (if not all) of them require the music to be used in "non-commercial" ways, at least for the free...
  8. G

    Youtube demonetized channel with over 2 billion minutes watched

    Hello, Youtube just demonetized my channel Greenred Productions with over 2 billion minutes watched. Reason - "Reused content". I never used any copyrighted material, I composed all music myself and there is no video, just picture... and all pictures are made by me or from pixabay (copyright...
  9. D

    Need Suggestions: Copyrights VS Song covers

    Hello! I am making a few plans for my Youtube channel. Writing down a bunch of ideas, brainstorming. You know. Then it occurred to me, if I wanted to make a few covers of songs, I can't do so without getting in trouble for copyright issues right? I went to take a look at a few channels that...
  10. O

    EU Copyright law supposedly will damage the internet

    This makes zero sense. Europe has passed a law which could go into affect next year that would allow anyone that links something online required to pay a fee to share anything and Europe wants YouTube and Facebook to scan uploads and remove copyrighted content automatically with no exceptions. I...
  11. B

    A list of all Song Without Copyright?*not NCS

    Anyone knows a good list of popular songs to use in youre videos(for me gaming montages)?
  12. Z

    Strike, Copyrighted, Using some Content for others for Roster Video

    Hi Guys, I have seen many Indian guys using some clips and making rosters of others... sometime even they use songs clips... I never think that would even have a permissions from them owners... So what is exactly Strike and copyrightes and how it apply, how to deal with fake...
  13. O

    New YouTube Music service and Copyright less likely to be given strikes

    My friend stopped by at the YouTube Space in LA and was told by an employee there that the new YouTube Music service coming out will allow user generated uploads including remixes, covers etc and the more people subscribe to YouTube Music the more copyright holders get paid royalties and that...
  14. Ulysses90

    What does it mean ?

    What does it mean when there are many channels posting the same videos you post, but you are the ONLY one that gets strike and deleted videos, but the other channels still have those videos running ? Don't tell me they have permission, I'm sure 100% they don't.
  15. S

    Celebrity Images

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. My question is, if I wanna make a top 10 video for example "Top 10 most beautiful actresses" can I use images that I find on google and other sites? Like images taken from paparazzi or events such as red carpet. I will want to monetize this content. Thank you.
  16. R

    Uploading DJ Mixes to YouTube

    Hey, I'd like to ask if anyone knows if uploading a DJ mix to YouTube is possible without it getting taken down due to copyright strikes. I know that uploading original tracks by certain artists is possible because royalties will just end up in the hands of the original artist and that's...
  17. buzzcuts

    Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Video Controversy

    Not sure if anyone else is subbed to Saberspark; he recently posted a couple popular review videos about the movie that the globglogabgalab meme originates from. I posted a response to the takedown and just posted another video after the original copyright holder released their email...
  18. P

    My youtube strike

    i would like to know if my community guildness strike will ever disappear because in the period that i would wait for it to stay i got a copyright strike witch just disappeared but that community guildness strike should've alread expired so yeah...will it ever go away?
  19. Mark Stise

    Copyright does that apply to a song done in 1928?

    I current project evolves a song my Helen Kane called I want to be loved by you. She sang this song in 1928 but I can't be certain that Youtube wont flag it for copyright infringement. I mean how do I find out if a song done 90 years ago is even in the public domain or not? Do anybody have any...
  20. E

    copyright strikes question

    hi guys my channel back again from terminated last month and remove a 1 strike from my channel now i have 2 strike left now my 2 strike left is still gonna be expired on the same date & time that i see on my youtube status & features?? thanks for the answer. Best Regards
  21. buzzcuts

    Why Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Videos Were Removed from YouTube

    Not sure if anyone's been following this issue with the infamous Globglogabgalab, but I think it could have important ramifications for YouTubers.
  22. TinasToyTime

    YouTube music from Audio Library on Instagram?

    I am creating an Instagram page to promote my YT channel. I plan on taking clips of my already made YT videos and posting on Instagram; all of these videos have music from the YT audio library. Is it acceptable that this music will be on Instagram? According to YT, it says (word for word)...
  23. Mark Stise

    How many seconds can a video clip be to avoid copyright notice?

    Hello Everyone How many seconds can a video clip be to a avoid copyright notice? One of the things I do I do videos for kids with cancer. I have my own set of Star Wars Clone Armor and I do shout outs for kids. But I've like to avoid any copyright issues that might come my way. So if I use...
  24. R

    Music video help

    I'm planning to upload my music videos in my YT channel but I'm worried about copyright strikes. My music videos contains clips from copyrighted movies, TV shows, and video games set to copyrighted music. Need help. Any suggestions?
  25. M

    Can retailers use my content to advertise without permission?

    Basically what the title says. I have a video uploaded to my YT account demonstrating the data provided by a lap timer I purchased for racing. The video includes me in it. I've seen a still from the video on several retailers websites in the product info. I.E. they are using the image to promote...
  26. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Appeal Copyright Strikes On YouTube

    How To Appeal Copyright Strike On YouTube 2018 // Remove copyright strikes from your videos by appealing copyright claims. Sometimes you get false content ID claims or dinged with a copyright strike and you need to appeal under fair use, or dispute a copyright claim against your videos. How To...
  27. F

    false video claim but audio monetised by copyright holder?

    A unique situation i need advise on. I have a song remix uploaded. Over a year old. Its been monetised by the copyright holder of the song for a while (which is fine by me) But the video was blocked recently due to a video clip claim from some random childrens company. This thing is i just used...
  28. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  29. ALEA freelicencemusic

    Services Free music background, soundtrack, instrumental

    Hello there! I'm a student and jazz musician for a living and I have a big passion for recording. I made this channel so I could produce to my heart's content :D. At the same time I want to allow all content creators to freely download and use my work, be it as background music, intro/outro...