1. Jolttix

    Gaming PC/Black Ops 4 Funny Moments

    Hi, I'm Jolttix (or Jace). I got Black Ops 4 a couple of weeks ago but don't have many friends that have it. I'm trying to get some people together just to screw around in multi-player, zombies, and blackout. I have one BO4 video on my channel if you're curious about the type of content I'm...
  2. K

    Meet Up/Gathering ANYBODY NEAR ATLANTA (collaboration)

    Hey if you're near Atlanta, GA and want to collaborate just shoot me a reply and we can talk and possibly get something set up!
  3. Bstar

    Gaming Content creators and collab discord (still need more people)

    discord --> SH4HBqc content creator server where u can talk and promote your content and collab with people anyone can join, this will help people find others like them im hoping to get this server more popular as i really want to socialise with others with the same interest, i understand...
  4. Sammie

    Short Film New York Film Makers

    Looking to put a team together of people with all different skill sets that could be useful in making a short film. Currently working on a short film for a competition if anyone is interested in working on it with me DM me on instagram my instagram is @LividLady.v2
  5. Sammie

    One Min Short Film Competition Script Team

    I'm going to be making a One Min Short Film that has to be done by Nov 13 and I someone to pitch in ideas for the scrip. There will not be a lot of Dialog because it's only one min but I still would want a writers perspective. If we win I will split the prize with the person who helps me...
  6. WhySoZ

    Gaming Looking for people to make gaming videos with

    Hi, I'm looking for people to make some content with since I haven't been active in a while. My most recent streams and videos I've taken down in order to re-invent myself on the platform but I am planning on uploading some more content soon. There's no sub-requirement. For obvious reasons. I'd...
  7. Joemaddo

    Vlog Any pet related channel looking for a collab

    I'm looking to meet new you people in the pet tube community. I'm in the English midlands so let us know if your interested in collabing. Also for whatever reason I can't put my channel into the website, so just search this on YouTube Joe Maddo's Pets
  8. Raptorade

    Gaming Looking For People To Make Gaming Videos With on PC (Funny Moments Mostly)

    Hi, I'm looking for people to make gaming videos with on PC, channel is Raptorade, which is custom so Basically I make funny moments -videos, sometimes serious gameplay like best snipes, kills etc. but I want to evolve my channel by collaborating with similar channels. I...
  9. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for collab (PS4 - PC)

    So me and a friend are looking for someone to collab with on PS4 and/or PC. The games we are looking to play are, COD BO 4, FIFA 19, GTA 5, Golf With Friends, Rocket league + other games. And if there are any games you wan't to play, we may have them too :) Only requirements are. English...
  10. Katie Jade

    Other Small Youtuber Collab/ Make Youtube Friends

    Hi, I'm Katie, I have a small channel (400 subscribers) and I make fashion, makeup, lifestyle and random videos. I really want to find other small YouTubers to collab with and make youtube friends! I have loads of ideas and am open to suggestions! If you're interested in talking, feel free to...
  11. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming PC Funny Moments Recruitments

    I am looking for people who want to grow their channels, and have some fun along the way XD. I have very few requirements, although some of you may find them tough, I can make exceptions! At the end of the day, I kinda just want to make more friends XD. Requirements : Must have been posting...
  12. Dupylo

    Gaming looking to collab,I got 2k subs

    Hi, Im looking for ppl to collab with, u gotta be 16+ sorry, Im 18, PS4, I will mostly be playing Black ops 4. must have a good mic My PSN is Dupylo, feel free to add me. PeAce!
  13. B

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    Hey if anyone want to collab then just hit me up it dosent matter big or smal as long as you either have discord a pc or ps4
  14. Mr. Fox

    Other Writer NEEDED for Documentary Videos.

    Hi, I am looking for a writers who can help us in writing the scripts for our channel. Our channel is based on the true crime documentary. You can message me for more information about writing scripts and getting started. Email: Our Channel: UCa9i42buVxHQ5kXVR7iORmA...
  15. T


    Hello, my name is Tyler and I am looking for about 3 people to record some gaming videos with. Im looking for people for long-term over a year. (About me) I have been doing youtube since 2011 and have a great understanding of what people want to see in there content they are watching and I know...
  16. S

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers!!!

    Working on getting a collaboration going here. Looking for 2 more people. I have 1 already, both of us are new to YouTube. The collaboration can be any game really. Me and my partner plan to have Ark Survival Evolved, and then some more obscure games as well. Requirements: *Must have Discord...
  17. Taboo

    Gaming We are looking for 2/3 gaming friends

    Hey Me and my friends Bakarainic and hype are looking for YOU We are looking for 2/3 more people to join our group of friends/ content creators We are a group of friend from the eu/uk who love playing together and like making funny moment videos. I (taboo) am inspired by fitz/ swaggersouls /...
  18. K

    Vlog Looking for Collab near Atlanta Ga

    Hey guys i'm currently approaching 100 subscribers in the 3 months I have been on youtube and I'm very passionate about it. I make travel videos, vlogs, and cinematic videos. If anyone is interested in collaborating near Atlanta or has another idea, just leave a reply and we can talk about it...
  19. Dupylo

    Gaming Looking for People to Make Funny vids with, 16+, PS4

    my channel is called Dupylo, 2k atm, just want a few more friends who make yt vids and are serious about it w a good mic. 16+ PS4 if you will be playing Blackout that would be awesome. im 18 btw, my psn is Dupylo add me there or reply here, twitter @petedupylo peace.
  20. G

    Gaming Looking for adults (16-17+) to make funny moments with

    Looking for small YouTubers who want to get bigger in 2018...pretty much impossible. Ik that my channel isn't THAT big or THAT good, but I feel there should be some base requirements. 1) Have an upload schedule...whether that's daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly, just make sure it's...
  21. Badgerdome

    Gaming YT Gaming Collabs

    Im looking for some people to records some Youtube videos with. I make Semi childish videos, and would love some people to record with. I dont might light swearing. Games- Roblox Minecraft (with restrictions) Paladins BTD Battles/5 Shellshock Live I am willing to expand depending if I can play...
  22. R

    Vlog Any YouTubers currently travelling Africa? Looking for dope people to collab with :)

    Hey ho! I'm currently travelling down the african west coast and it would be amazing to travel or collab with one of you guys to create some dope videos :) If you're not in Africa or travelling full-time, no worries! Just reach out to me, I'd love to exchange and connect with you anyway :)...
  23. soam

    Vlog Any YouTubers here from chicago, up for collab ?

    Hi, I will be in Chicago for 4 days in October 2nd week. Just in case anyone from tech or vlogging or photography/filmmaking or road tripping or super bikes background wants to hang out and collab, lets do it. Just in case anyone wants to see the channel and my content before deciding about...
  24. KayThePianist

    Music Singers wanted for Youtube musical collab!

    Hello guys I'm a youtuber pianist from 10 years. I'm looking 2 singers for 2 collab videos. We will also upload audio on music platforms such as Spotify and we'll split earnings! I'm looking for: -a male singer for a medley of the Phantom of the opera, he will be the Phantom and he'll sing "The...
  25. Rushy

    A Brand New way of doing Collabs. This will help you grow!

    Hey Guys! Have you heard of Collabean? This is a new concept that was created recently, that aims to help content creators grow by a form of Community giveaway! The concept is super simple, instead of you creating a solo giveaway of let's say 10$, you will be placed with other content creators...
  26. YoutubeJayson

    Meet Up/Gathering Oregon and California creators! Lets collab!

    Hi Are you in CA or OR and want to do a real life collaboration with us?? I am taking a band on tour next month and we want to make a visit with creators in each town to make content for your youtube channel. In one city we will be meeting with a yoga studio and recording the band taking some...
  27. OldManTenno

    Gaming PC channel on the rise

    Yes, I'm old. Yes, I work full time. Yes, I can curse like a sailor... because I was one. But I've been playing games for over 35 years, and get pretty passionate about it. I currently play Warframe and have over 3300 hours since December 2017. It was because of my knowledge, willingness to...
  28. LunarCeliuo

    Gaming New Intros, logos, and Outros for whoever wants one! And possible collab

    I know this doesn't have anything to do with collabs, but I've been gone for a while making some of my friends new logos and all that. They said they liked them, so I was wondering if any of you guys would want one? If you do want one, or have a question, just leave a comment or something and...
  29. Scandinavian Freckles

    Meet Up/Gathering Any one meeting up in NORWAY?

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone wanted to make a meet up happen in norway, or if someone knew about any happening already? Trying to connect with like minded people, find support and friends within the community. Never met any norwegian youtubers :) Im totally up for it, let me know...
  30. Scandinavian Freckles

    Beauty/Makeup Any norwegian youtubers?

    Hi there, I am 26, Norwegian and hoping to find someone who maybe lives close to where I live ( Oslo) to maybe do a collab, be friends and support eachother? The more the merrier. I really want to hang out with people who get what I am doing and why I want to do it :) Let me know ...