1. S

    Gaming Kick-starting a community type channel

    Hey guys! I'm looking to kick start a little community type channel where you submit funny or epic gaming clips and get a chance to be featured in a video (apologize if I described it weirdly). I had this idea in my head for a while now, I just wasn't sure what the best way to start this type of...
  2. Senevids

    Gaming If you make content similar to Markiplier or Jacksepticeye I would love to collab!

    I have been having a blast on Youtube with my channel, Senevids, making videos similar to mark or jack (webcam, variety gaming, love laughing!) and would love to collab with someone who makes quality videos similar to them! I'm around 150 awesome subscribers at the moment so if you're around...
  3. O

    Music Quintessence - Original/Cover Music Group - Auditions (Singers, composers, mixers, + more)

    If interested please visit us on twitter @Quintessencetwt for audition forms and vocalist samples/links! Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can...
  4. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    What a going on y'all I'm looking for mainly ps4 youtubers but I also play xbox. I'm pretty motivated to do YouTube after about a year off and now the grind is gonna be real! I'm pretty laid back and is willing to work with anyone no requirements I mostly play sports titles but am open to any...
  5. Cory Osborne

    Comedy Looking for a Entertaining Team for a New YouTube Channel

    Looking for a team to help in building a brand new YouTube channel. Preferably entertaining relatable content that will keep viewers hooked and subscribers coming. Show will be something of a variety stylistic approach. Shows will be pre-planned then shot by selected individuals then provided to...
  6. T

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends (PC)

    hello, my name is Tyler and I'm looking for some people to make some content with and have a good time. I'm looking for people that play. Fortnite rocket league call of duty ww2 minecraft csgo GTA V black ops 2 must be 16+
  7. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking for female gamers!

    Hey everyone! I’m Orb, and I’m looking for people to collab or join my group Gilded Phoenix Studios! We have podcasts, streams, let's plays, and more, planned and in production! We are looking for motivated, passionate people to join our already amazing team! if you think you have what it takes...
  8. Dawayne West

    Gaming PS4 Youtubers

    Hey all I was just looking on here and was wondering if anyone wanna collab on ps4 I've got madden nba live GTA and more I don't have no requirements though as I have a very small channel myself but I'm looking for people to grow with if interested add my PSN and we can work something out Dspaks5898
  9. MusicMike512

    Music Looking for a female vocalist/singer who'd like to collaborate

    Hey there! I'm interested in working on a ballad style, piano/vocal duet. If you're interested, please send me a message and I'll fill you in on more details! Thanks! :3
  10. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Any Wrestling Fans?

    Hi, my name is Ashy & I used to make gaming videos on my channel but I want to start uploading Wrestling content to my channel. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interest in Wrestling as me. I would like to make podcast type video were we review, make predictions, share reaction &...
  11. A


    Hey, looking to collaborate with some people on Gta V and do some races together and make videos or play Fortnite on PC and make some videos on squads or duos. I'm on ps4 and i am level 75 ish for GTA5. i have 266 subs on youtube. I have been playing Fortnite since season 1! Anyone want to...
  12. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking to collab with anyone!

    Hey, looking to collab or make a group with some funny and awesome people, if you're interested reply here or just add me on discord:Orb#0001 We do: Funny Moments Let's Plays Montages Walkthroughs Podcasts and more!
  13. O

    Jimmy Eat World Cover collab

    Hello all, I'm finally back on YouTube and I am part of Dave Days musician life music course. Here is a cover collab I am in. Very excited for this opportunity.
  14. T

    Gaming Need Roblox YouTubers Above 500 Subs

    Hi guys.. I am thinking to collab with Roblox YouTubers above 500 subs... Good channels reply me
  15. A


    Hey, looking to collaborate with some people on Gta V and do some races together and make videos. I'm on ps4 and i am level 75 ish. i have 266 subs and i would like to post gta V racing videos but need other youtubers to do it with. Anyone want to collaborate? Requirements: Be on PS4 Around...
  16. Curiosity

    Voice Acting 170K channel looking for collab

    Channel with over 100 million lifetime views and over 170K subscribers is looking for collaborators with the following features: 1) Girls with an age between 18 and 25 and nice appearance 2) English-native (audience is mainly North American) 3) Proactiveness, seriousness and confidence attitude...
  17. Dawayne West

    Voice Acting voice actors needed

    Hey all, I'm in need of voice actors to do some voice over work with I am warning you though there is strong language included in this voice over if interested Contact me on twitter Dsparks5898 or on instagram Dsparks5898 Thanks
  18. James BB

    Vlog The Summer of 2019!!!

    Hi, my name is James and I'm 16 years old and live in Oxfordshire, England. This year I'm taking my GCSE's and have a 15 week summer where I really want to boost my channel. Currently my channel sits on 200 subscribers, it use to be more but I took a long break and currently have no videos after...
  19. Elderberry

    Meet Up/Gathering seeking to collab for No Man's Sky

    Hello, For the next video series on my channel, I am planning to play no man's sky multiplayer. I want to show that the game can be enjoyed by playing in a group and how multiplayer works. Must be energetic and have some experience playing the game. I only have 20 subs but I will offer in...
  20. S

    Gaming Looking to start a gaming group! (Mostly on Xbox One)

    So I've just started out on my new gaming channel and I would like to have a group of people to record some videos with. The type of content I would like to make would be mostly just funtages for now. I have a lot of ideas for videos to make, I just need the right people to record with. In terms...
  21. Fikitooria

    Vlog Collaboration in Nigeria

    My channel is small. But, i will appreciate a collaboration with fellow youtubers, in the health (women) , vlog or crafts/diy niche. Email is
  22. T

    Gaming Looking for a few people to record video games on pc with!

    Hi, my name is Martin and I am 17 years old. I am enjoying making gameplays on youtube. I think I would have more fun with more people. I am not the ice breaking type thou. Right now i have a shity computer so i can not play the newest games my microphone is not the best either but i am looking...
  23. DomDomYT

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with on game analysis videos.

    Hey! I have a channel with about 500 subs which focusses on game analysis videos in which I review every aspect of a game in a humorous manner. If you want to join me, you'll just need the following: - decent mic - at least 16 years old (due to the videos requiring analytical thinking and...
  24. l Elite l

    Gaming Fortnite Collab

    I am a small youtuber and I want to get serious with youtube. Right after Christmas I will be making my first youtube Fortnite comedy videos right after christmas. I am looking for someone to make a Funny collab on Fortnite like Fitz or Vanoss. (13 - 17)
  25. Bluelaade

    Gaming Looking for 5 people who have Fortnite on PC and have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote

    The title pretty much says everything, but to elaborate, I need 5 people to help me make a short little clip for an upcoming project. Everyone who helps will be credited at the end of the project. Participants must have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote. If you have either one of those...
  26. Chanse Cattell

    Vlog Anyone from Southern California wanna collab?

    I do vlogs and I like car stuff. I also do challenges. Let me know!
  27. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Gaming Group(Festive vids coming) PC

    Hey I am looking for ppl to collab with who is funny and can take a joke...we both gain but it doesn't matter its the funny moments I live for ;) Making a Christmas special vid soon so I can start on my best of 2018 1) Whats your channel name? 2) How many subs(Doesn't matter just curious)...
  28. Kaitlyn Moore

    Beauty/Makeup ALTERNATIVE or COSPLAY Collab

    hello friends! I’m part of the very small community of alternative fashion/beauty and cosplay. Not many channels are out there in this side of YouTube and I’d like to collab with someone (or a group collab) where we all do a tutorial on makeup, hair, or costume. Email me...
  29. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Looking for ppl to collab with...

    Games: Gta5 Csgo Gmod Fortnite Golf it Content mainly: I mainly do funny moments and want ppl for GTA 5 to create amazing Funny moments gameplay Comment on my recent vid if i dont respond
  30. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Collab- Gta 5, Gmod, csgo, fortnite...

    Hey i am a small youtuber looking for ppl to collab with preferrably gta 5 pc and not too young... Want a group of us for funny moments to let it all out hahaha... Check out my youtube channel for my content i make... im gonna be bringing back gta 5 so anyone wanting to collab as a group...