1. S

    Celebrity Images

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. My question is, if I wanna make a top 10 video for example "Top 10 most beautiful actresses" can I use images that I find on google and other sites? Like images taken from paparazzi or events such as red carpet. I will want to monetize this content. Thank you.
  2. E

    I have some open questions about copyright and trademarks and i cant find answers anywhere

    Hey, maybe someone of you can help me. It seems impossible to find clear answers to my questions and since i put a lot of work into my videos, i want to avoid having to delete them later: 1. When i use an image with an Creative Commons - Attribution license, WHERE do i have to put the name? Is...
  3. probablybetterthanyourmom

    Illuminati confirmed meme video (Kylie Jenner)

    I just made my first illuminati confirmed video it's aight