1. Fitness Buffhq


    I use CANVA for making thumbnail. What is better tool/app for making thumbnail. CANVA or Pixel Lab?
  2. RealLink

    Channel Thumbnail / Banner / Logo creator.

    There is a free tool you can use called Canva, all you have to do is sign up and you can make Thumbnails, Banners and Logos using many tools all for Free. Obviously, there are one or two add-ons that will cost you money, however from my experience you don't need them at all. Enjoy!
  3. G

    Services I will make you free channel art

    I will make you free banners, profile pictures and thumbnails for your channel. Here's an example picture of a cover I made for one of my Wattpad stories: Email me on if you want me to make some channel art for you.
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