1. BrinoVlogs

    FINALLY HIT 6000

    600 got me excited!! thank you for the support guys. Help me out on my next milestone 700 if you guys have the time to check out my channel.
  2. BrinoVlogs

    Meet Up/Gathering Canada, Ontario, Toronto??? COLLAB HELP

    Hi, I'm a vlogger located in Canada Toronto, I've been trying to look for collabs for a while now, I'm up for anything like challenges, gaming, or even just a chill day. seriously
  3. BrinoVlogs

    Vlog BrinoVlogs Wants to Collab (Ontario, Canada)

    SO guys, I have decided I will push my channel this summer and I am looking for people to Collab with. I've created a post to collab many times but not much replies. So I am a 18 yr old Canadian in Ontario Canada. Hit me up if you just want to chat or maybe discuss some possible ideas.
  4. BrinoVlogs

    I have finally reached 500 subs !!!!

    I just recently reached 500 subs after a long time stuck at 490 FINALLY!
  5. BrinoVlogs

    Youtube Subscriber drought

    Hey guys, I've been having a very long youtube drought lately maybe due to youtuber changing their algorithms but I really need some help, I know pushing through and making more video will help me get over that hump but at the same time can you guys go check out my channel and tell me what I...
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