1. bboytlil

    Bboy Anime Montage:「Taboo Tattoo OP」 - Belief [AnimeSongCollabo Band Cover]

    Hey everyone, so this is my Bboy montage to the anime Taboo Tattoo Opening! Taboo Tattoo was one of my recent anime that I got done watching and there are a few things that I have to say about this anime. First off, OP & ED is fantastic since May'n and TRIGGER are the singers! :D This anime had...
  2. bboytlil

    [Cover] BTS - Young Forever | bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so Chole did an super amazing cover to BTS new song Young Forever. If you like kpop, food, dancing, adventure, film and awesome effects Don't miss out and hit that PLAY BUTTON!
  3. bboytlil

    Bboy T-lil - Shooting Star

    If you like anime, food, road trips, dance circles, Kpop and positive vibes then this video is meant for you. Thanks everyone for your time and enjoy the video! :D Let it inspire you~
  4. bboytlil

    A Simple Hello | bboytlil

    Hey guys, so in this video I'll be talking about how a simple hello can change someones' day, someones' life and you can even meet some amazing people out there who likes the same things as you do. I also wanted to share with you guys an inspirational story and hope that it motivated you guys to...
  5. bboytlil


    Hey everyone, so this was about 3 months ago! This is my first short film that I wanted to show you guys. I hope it made your guys day and made you guys laugh. I would appreciate it if you guys can leave feedback letting me know what I can do to improve myself with short films in the future.
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