1. GaminGit

    I made a Movie (inspired by the movie 'Snatch')

    I'd love to hear your comments and criticisms about any aspect of it too. If bad language offends you, probably best not to watch it! Thanks in advance, Frank (GaminGit)
  2. GaminGit

    Have you ever seen gaming vids like this before?

    For the past year, I've been making videos on a very niche section of the PC gaming community. I play 'role play' games. Mostly 'life mods' based off of ARMA 3. (Don't yawn just yet xD ) However, I've try to make my videos appeal to virtually anyone that watches them, by editing them like a...
  3. Seige

    Gaming (PC) looking for people to collaborate with

    looking for other youtubers to collaborate with Games Rust Battlegrounds day z Arma 3 Miscreated Untunred Gta 5 Garrys mod and plenty of other games willing to buy new one if you play other games If you're interested add my discord seige #5880
  4. Finn Connolly

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab

    Hey everyone ! im looking for a group of semi-serious PC Gamers to make videos on games such as War Thunder , Arma 2 OA , Arma 3 and other FPS Games . It would help if you can get somewhat decent FPS in any of these games just to make our game a little bit more enjoyable , if you're interested...
  5. LyrexYT

    Gaming Wanna join a collaboration?

    My name is Lyrex, (pronounced Lyrics ) and I'm looking for people to join a collaboration with my youtube channel. I've been wanting to join in and do different games, then this one game I normally always record. I'm looking for other youtubers who would like to participate in doing...

    Gaming Looking for some buddies to play with on PC RUST/GMOD/DAYZ

    Hey my names Brandon, i'm looking for some fellow youtubers to collab on some videos. i'd prefer if you're 18 and over and own games such as Rust, Dayz and Gmod. My main goal would be to find someone and make a series on Rust creating bases and raiding and mainly having a laugh! if you're...
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